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Wicklow widow suing ‘those with an interest in’ fishing boat after husband drowned without life jacket

Brigid Hughes has taken an admiralty case, as of 13 July, against ‘all persons claiming an interest in’ the fishing vessel Kerri Heather, based out of Arklow, Co Wicklow. Her husband, Leonard (49), better known as Lenny, an experienced fisherman, drowned after falling from the boat while hauling bait pots off the Wicklow coastline on the morning of Wednesday, 16 November, 2016. The Kerri Heather had been at sea for just over an hour at the time of the incident. The precise nature of the lawsuit is not currently known, nor which defendants are intended by the broad nature of the claim. >click to read<20:24

After Tyler Hamlin was stripped of her crown, the Maine Lobster Festival board faced reactions ‘almost like a lynch mob.’

The 2018 Maine Sea Goddess was forced to step down less than 24 hours after she was crowned because of photos she posted on social media that were forwarded to Maine Lobster Festival organizers. – The decision by the executive board of the Maine Lobster Festival to strip the Sea Goddess of her crown created a firestorm that made festival organizers fear for their safety. More than 10,000 comments and messages have been sent to the Maine Lobster Festival since The Courier-Gazette reported Thursday evening that Taylor Hamlin, who was crowned the 2018 Maine Sea Goddess on Wednesday night,> was forced to step down< less than 24 hours later over photos she had posted on social media. >click to read<18:55

Potent drugs found in West Coast sewage threaten chinook, study reveals

A Seattle expert in environmental contaminants who has linked sewage flushes into Washington state estuaries to higher juvenile chinook salmon death rates suspects human drugs found in fish put them at risk. James Meador of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric administration (NOAA) said he believes pharmaceuticals found in the contaminated water — such as amphetamines and antidepressants — are in part to blame. These drugs and chemicals pass through human digestive systems — and some are flushed directly down the toilet.,, He tested 49 fish for 150 pharmaceuticals, personal care products and industrial chemicals. >click to read<14:08

Brant Rock Fishmonger gets ready to wrap up a long career

On any given day, Henry “Hank” Dunbar can be found in the same place: standing over a pine plank, filleting fish over a stainless-steel sink in the back room of the small, two-story Brant Rock Fish Market on Ocean Street. Dunbar’s age doesn’t show as he hauls hundreds of pounds of ice, bends over a 2-foot-deep cooler and sharpens filleting knives, but the 83-year-old fishmonger says his time running the Marshfield institution is likely coming to an end. “I probably put 80 hours a week into this place,” Dunbar said Friday as he filleted a halibut. “That’s getting to be a little much now that I’m upwards of 80 myself.” >click to read<12:37

Texas Shrimp Industry Lacks Willing U.S. Workers

It’s two weeks in the Shrimp Season and Texas shrimpers are dealing with another worker shortage. Last year about 20% of the Texas Shrimp fleet stayed in Port from a lack of workers. Andrea Hance is Executive Director of the Texas Shrimp Association based in Brownsville. She told The Texas Standard that about 8 to 10 percent of the state’s shrimp boats are still tied up at docks.  “And those boat owners or captains what happened to them is they don’t have enough people to even man the boat, um, so they may only have one other person, well, the boat needs at least three to go out and efficiently operate.” >click to read<11:48

Fishing for a Future After Brexit

Dawn breaks on Newlyn, an industrious fishing harbour in southern Cornwall. Seagulls scream and circle a sardine hauler that has just come in from a night out at sea. As the dusty light floods the water, two fishermen haul tons of their slippery catch into orange crates. It’s been a bountiful trip and it’s only the beginning of the sardine season. Most of this load will go to canneries in France and for these fisherman, a strong trade relationship with the mainland is their livelihood.  The sight of a flotilla of boats charging down the Thames just days before the June 23 referendum was arguably one of the most surreal sights of the 2016 Brexit campaign. But while it may have erred on pantomime, it highlighted deeply-felt frustrations shared by fishermen across the UK, whose unhappy prospects—until then—hadn’t made headline news. Photo’s, >click to read<11:01

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Do seals affect your commercial fishing activity?

Seals eat approx 7% of their body weight when they eat – say 24lbs. Unfortunately, seals don’t necessarily eat the whole fish that they pick from fishermen’s nets – they tend to take a single mouthful from each fish – often to get at the liver – especially with fish like hake.  To this end the NFFO are carrying out a survey and encourage all those fishermen who have been affected to take part. This survey is for commercial fishermen in England about their experiences of interactions with seals (seals feeding on catches, damage to gears and entanglement). Your responses will help us better understand the extent of seal–fishery interactions around the country and identify options for non-lethal measures to reduce these interactions. Participation in the survey is voluntary. Video, >click to read<08:58