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Nova Scotia tuna fisherman dies after going overboard near Port Hood

A 68-year-old tuna fisherman from Arisaig, N.S., has died after going overboard on Saturday. RCMP Cpl. Andrew Joyce did not have many details of the incident, but said police received a call at 7:47 a.m. informing them of the man’s death. Other local fishermen have identified the man as Stevie MacInnis, who ran a tuna chartering company called MacInnis Bluefin Tuna Charters. MacInnis went into the water near Murphys Pond and his body was brought to Port Hood, Joyce said. The president of the Inverness South Fishermen’s Association, Jordan MacDougall, said he understands MacInnis got caught in a net and was pulled into the water. >click to read<15:19

Program helps area shrimpers sell ‘ultimate premium product’

The Louisiana Limited Wild Plate Frozen shrimp program is informing buyers about the food preservation technology. “This is the ultimate premium product,” said Thomas Hymel, LSU AgCenter and Louisiana Sea Grant fisheries agent. “It’s like it fell out of a cast net and it’s frozen.” Shrimp are packaged in 5-pound containers, then held on a plate freezer that is kept at minus 35 degrees. The products treated with this process look fresh from the ocean when they are thawed, Hymel said, with heads and even antenna intact. “This is as close to the ocean as you can get,” he said. The process also can be used for fish, Hymel said. >click to read<13:40

Plan could see prisoners working in seafood plants in Unalaska

If local officials agree, prisoners can finish their sentences working in seafood plants in Unalaska, according to a plan presented by Alaska Department of Corrections Commissioner Dean Williams at last week’s Unalaska City Council meeting, attended by many generally supportive community members. Williams said local support is needed for the transitions to work program, so that the Unalaska Department of Public Safety can provide electronic monitoring while the inmates are living in workplace bunkhouses during the last six months of their sentences, and said the state will provide funding for the project involving about five prisoners,,, >click to read<12:08

Chignik salmon fisheries made $3000 between six permits in 2018

The exvessel value per permit has been over $100,000 for the past 10 years in the Chignik Management Area. This year, the entire fishery brought in $3000, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s season summary. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game released its summary of the 2018 Chignik salmon season this week. The Board of Fish already declared the sockeye salmon fishery a disaster in early July. Then the governor declared it an economic disaster in August. This report from Fish and Game confirms that the entire fishery only brought about $3000 dollars between the six permit holders who fished. Audio, >click to read<10:04

City struggles to sell unwanted former floating strip club

The city of Kodiak is trying to get rid of what has been called a former floating strip club. The P/V Wild Alaskan vessel was impounded on Dec. 20 and has been held in the Kodiak Shipyard ever since, the Kodiak Daily Mirror reported Thursday. In August, the city began advertising the vessel as available for purchase by the highest bidder, but it did not receive any bids. City Manager Mike Tvenge said nobody wants the ship. “If you look at it, it’s in need of repair,” Tvenge said. “That’s part of the reason why it was pulled out of the harbor.” >click to read<09:02