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International buyers find ‘world-renowned seafood’ in New Bedford

NEW BEDFORD — Seafood buyers from 14 countries visited the city’s leading seafood companies on Friday.
Buyers from Asia, Europe and the Middle East toured BASE New England Seafood Auction, Bergie’s Seafood, Atlantic Capes Fisheries and East Coast Seafood. Countries represented on the tour included China, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and Vietnam.,,, The buyers are in Boston for the 2019 Seafood Expo North America/Seafood Processing North America, the largest seafood trade event in North America. Photo’s, >click to read<19:44

91st annual Blessing of the Fleet, Sunday, March 17th, Fishermen’s Terminal, Seattle

The 91st annual Blessing of the Fleet has been scheduled for Sunday, March 17, 2019 at 2:00 pm at the Fishermen’s Memorial site at Fishermen’s Terminal in Seattle, Washington. Originated by the late Pastor O.L. Haavik of Ballard First Lutheran Church 91 years ago, the service will be conducted by Pastor Erik R. Wilson Weiberg and Pastor Elise Scott, both of Ballard First Lutheran Church. We will offer thanks to God for the fishing community, remembering the risks they take each day to provide seafood for our tables. More details, >click to read<17:40

WBOC’s 65 Anniversary: A Look Back at Seafood in 1954

DELMARVA – As we continue to celebrate the 65th anniversary of WBOC coming on the air, we also continue our look back at what life was like in 1954. Each month we explore a different event or aspect of life from six and a half decades ago. In March, we wanted to explore what the seafood industry was like here on Delmarva 65 years ago. >click to read< 16:45

FISH-NL repeats call for FFAW-Unifor to disclose money paid by oil industry; potential union conflict ‘taints’ seismic research

“The question of conflict of interest taints everything the FFAW touches — including DFO’s recent research into the impact of seismic blasting on snow crab — for as long as the union refuses to open its books,” says Ryan Cleary, President of FISH-NL. A 2018 DFO paper — Effects of 2D seismic on the snow crab fishery — concluded seismic activity does not have a “significant” impact on commercially caught snow crab. The paper used data the FFAW-Unifor helped collect, a contribution acknowledged in the report. At the same time, the FFAW has refused to reveal details of its financial arrangements with the offshore oil and gas industry to address questions of conflict of interest in also representing inshore fish harvesters.>click to read<14:11

Despite tariff impacts, Maine lobster market remains robust

Just over eight months since the start of a trade war between China and the United States, the Maine lobster industry is still coping with the affects of a 25 percent tariff on their goods.,,, The market, which had seen explosive growth in the past few years, suddenly dried up overnight, for reasons completely out of the hands of Maine companies shipping live lobsters to China. Even with the challenges, however, companies that focused on live lobster shipments have managed to make up ground by re-focusing efforts in other areas. >click to read<13:44

Designers of failed toxic waste dam to work on one taller than the Washington Monument. What would the salmon say?

The company that wants to mine copper and gold in southwest Alaska at the site of the world’s largest sockeye salmon fishery hired a firm to design mine waste pond dams that was behind one of the worst mining disasters in Canadian history. The KnightPiésold firm designed a dam that failed in 2014 in Mount Polley, British Columbia,,,, At least 50 mine dams have failed worldwide in the last decade, including a dam that collapsed in Brazil in January, killing at least 186 people; 122 people are still missing. Alaskan fisherman Mike Fricerro told the Alaska Dispatch News, “Modern history has shown us that (catastrophic dam failures) are more likely than they want us to think.” >click to read<12:28

Cause of Action Institute will be at the Seafood Expo North America in Boston. Share your story with us!

Have you been negatively impacted by the government regulations that plague the commercial fishing industry?
Share your story with us! From March 17th – 19th, Cause of Action Institute will be at the Seafood Expo North America in Boston, Massachusetts. Come visit us in Booth 2667 to learn more about our work defending the rights and economic freedoms of commercial fishermen. Can’t come see us? Contact us at [email protected], or share your story with us here. Our Work, John Yates v. United States, Goethel v. Pritzker, United States v. Black, Omnibus Amendment , >click to read<10:53

Halibut poachers sentenced to jail time

Robert and David Gudgell, former fishing boat operators for Pacific Salmon Charters, will need to update their resumes. At a sentencing hearing on Wednesday in South District Court, Judge Nancy McAllister delivered a stinging rebuke to the brothers, who were recently convicted of numerous halibut-poaching charges. “I really hope your selfish actions do not taint the reputation of the other fishermen in this area,” McAllister said before sentencing the Gudgells to jail time, hefty fees, probation and a one-year ban on being on boats. >Click to read<10:01