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Eastern Shore residents, fishermen opposed to designation of Marine Protected Area

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans is considering implementing higher protections on 2,000 square kilometres off the coast of Nova Scotia.
But not all people who live and work in the communities affected are keen on the project, which would stretch from Clam Harbour to Barren Island. “In a country that has very poor laws and regulations protecting their waters, it may have some benefit, but not in Canada, we’re already protected,” says Tim Kaiser, a homeowner and member of the Eastern Shore Fisherman’s Protection Association. >click to read<13:20

Ground search team back to assist in locating missing Island fisherman

There will be a lot of activity Sunday in the search for a missing Island fisherman, RCMP say. Jordan Hicken was lost while fishing out of Naufrage Harbour early Tuesday morning. The rescue effort was called off Tuesday evening and RCMP took it over as a missing persons case. P.E.I. Ground Search and Rescue took the day off Friday and Saturday but is back out Sunday in full force helping community volunteers. “There will be quite a bit of activity,” said RCMP Staff Sgt. Howard Fitzpatrick. The team has expanded the search area, Fitzpatrick said. >click to read<12:41

Atlantic Herring: Fishermen face another quota cut, could hit lobster prices

Regulators on the East Coast are contending with a drop in the population of herring, a key forage fish species that has been used as lobster bait for generations.,, A fishery management board is due to make a decision about the 2020 catch limits in early June.,, “I’ve heard from other fishermen up and down the coast, from Maine to Massachusetts. It’s going to be survival of the fittest,” Casoni said. “Every year is challenging, and every year just gets a little more.” >click to read<11:16

Vineyard Wind seeks help in protecting right whales! Really??? Let me help. Don’t build it!

Are you really that concerned about the whales, wind farmers? Don’t build it, and vacate the “project”. I suspect some disgusting politicians are making noise about saving the whales to avoid the political damage of enraged whale lovers watching “Big Green” Energy disrupt them, or possibly even kill them! It’s urgent! AOC says we only got then years left to save,,,- The company preparing to build an 84-turbine wind farm off Martha’s Vineyard has put out a call to universities, technology companies and other innovators that could help implement a system to detect the presence of endangered North Atlantic right whales during construction. >click to read<10:43

CRMC skeptical of opponents’ concerns about kelp farm off Napatree Point

Joseph MacAndrew, who wants to establish a seaweed farm off Napatree Point, says the venture would serve as an example of a low impact, sustainable commercial use of the town’s coastal resources. He is facing a considerable amount of opposition, however, from commercial, academic, and Watch Hill interests, who assert that the proposed sugar kelp growing operation would disrupt bird populations, impede recreational and commercial fishing, and pose other environmental risks. >click to read<09:48