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Top brass exit Nature Conservancy amid sexual harassment investigation

#MeToo strikes again. This time it is within the world’s leading conservation organization, the Nature Conservancy. The first to exit the organization due to an investigation into sexual harassment and workplace misconduct were Mark Burget, head of the group’s North American operations, and Kacky Andrews, who led global programs.,,, Well, hold on. There’s more. Friday CEO Tercek resigned, just a week after McPeek’s exit.,,, Tercek joined The Nature Conservancy in 2008 from Goldman Sachs. (surely an environmentalist!),,, I’ll end with a little nugget I found. Friday Mary Kay, Inc., an original glass ceiling breaker among corporations offering opportunities to women, announced it has partnered with the Nature Conservancy in a program called the Texas Fisheries & Coastal Resilience Program. >click to read<18:27

Mary Kay Inc. Partners with The Nature Conservancy to Advance Sustainable Fishing in Gulf of Mexico – Mary Kay Inc., an international leader in corporate and social responsibility, today announced its partnership with The Nature Con – >click to read<

Scallop vessel finds itself in challenging situation when it runs aground in Tiverton, Digby County

After a nine-day trip at sea the crew of the scallop vessel Digby Challenger expected to be offloading their catch on Sunday, June 9. But the vessel found itself facing another challenge instead.  Around 5 a.m. the boat grounded on the shoreline in Tiverton, Long Island, down on Digby Neck. The crew was not injured. Photo’s, >click to read<15:49

South Atlantic Fishery Management Council meeting June 10 – 14, 2019 in Stuart, FL

The public is invited to attend the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council to be held June 10 – 14, 2019 at Hutchinson Island Marriott,
555 NE Ocean Boulevard, Stuart, FL 34996.  Complete Agenda >click here< for details. For  Webinar Registration:  >Click here< To visit the SAFMC >click here<15:30

Today, We Miss and Remember Richard M. Gaines – March 20, 1944 – June 9, 2013 Gloucester, Massachusetts

On many a morning, Richard Gaines would walk through the front doors of the Gloucester Daily Times, exchange a few brief hellos, and then walk briskly to his desk in the far left corner of the newsroom, sit down and make the first of what would seem like hundreds of phone calls. “I’m going to cause some trouble today,” he’d proclaim. He would mouth those words with both a twinkle in his eye and a profound sense of pride. >click to read, in Richards memory< I miss you, Richard, everyday. You impacted my life.11:29

After pause, Maine may have missed the boat on offshore wind

Six months ago, a Norwegian company called Equinor submitted a winning bid of $135 million to lease a patch of ocean bottom off Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts from the federal government. It won a similar lease off New Jersey in 2016. Last winter the company submitted a third bid, off New York, and this summer is expected to bid on another round of leases off Massachusetts. Why all the investment activity? The Northeast coast of the United States could become a second hub for commercial-scale offshore wind power, an Equinor vice president explained, one that could rival its position in the United Kingdom.>click to read<10:55

“Wolverine” – Initial assessment did not reveal evidence of vessel strikes or fishing gear entanglement

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans says the death of a North Atlantic right whale in the Gulf of St. Lawrence does not appear to be the result of a recent vessel strike or entanglement in fishing gear. A necropsy was conducted Friday on the shores of Miscou Island in New Brunswick, and the government said the initial assessment was inconclusive. The nine-year-old male known as “Wolverine” was towed there after his carcass was discovered in the Gulf on Tuesday. >click to read<10:16

North Carolina: After public input, panel leans toward Southern flounder harvest reduction

State fisheries managers plan to reduce the harvest of southern flounder – commercial and recreational – by 62-72% to address problems with the spawning stock.,,  met to select preferred management options for Southern Flounder Fishery Management Plan Amendment 2,,, N.C. Fisheries Association Executive Director Glenn Skinner said he’s been talking with commercial fishermen,,,  “Their concern is when it will happen this year,” he said. “We’d ask you to do it in December. We need (the flounder harvest) this year. A lot of people still have hurricane damage. We need to be able to reinvest in the industry. Reductions have been made before (to the flounder harvest). They may not have been enough.”>click to read<09:26

A big haul on Big Kandi

Jason George has a simple formula for improving water quality in Minnesota lakes: Take out the carp. George is hoping to remove 100,000 pounds or more under a special permit that is allowing his firm—Mike’s Rough Fish of Waterville, Minnesota—to harvest the fish.,,As of Wednesday, George was still waiting for the carp to spawn, which would make them more vulnerable to netting. They’re running a few weeks behind schedule due to the slow warm-up, he said. >Video, click to read< 08:37