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As Wind Farms Overwhelm The Irish Sea, Isle Of Man Seabird Populations Plummet

Since the world’s biggest wind farm went up in the Irish Sea, Herring Gulls are down 82%, European Shag down 51%, and Razorbills down 55%. The list goes on…Isn’t there a conspicuous connection? The Isle Of Man wildlife charity Manx Birdlife has reported a shocking 40% decline in the populations of many species of seabirds around the island’s coast. The worrying figures emerged following a comprehensive census that took place over two years. Whatever the reason for the sharp decline of the birds, it illustrates that something has gone very wrong. Wind Farms? >click to read<18:08

Bristol Bay fishermen renew call for input on Pebble Mine as commercial fishing season opens

Commercial fishing season is underway in Bristol Bay; but instead of focusing all their attention on their catches, fishermen are focused on the future the Pebble Mine could have on their livelihood. The public comment period on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement closes July 1. “Our industry in Bristol Bay is in the fight of our lives against relentless attempts by the Pebble Limited Partnership, fueled by a ‘dig baby dig’ attitude from the US Army Corps of Engineers, to develop the world’s largest and most dangerous open pit mine at the headwaters of our fishery,” >click to read<. a lot of info, and some links to comment. 16:55

Expanding Dead Zone in Gulf of Mexico is Causing High Anxiety Among Shrimpers

For Tran, it is an adventure. For his family, it is a trade they had known in Vietnam before they made their way to Port Arthur, Texas after the fall of Saigon in 1975. Tran and his family of shrimpers have faced many challenges created by mother nature. The latest weather-related problem in the Gulf is a giant dead zone predicted to grow to a near record in coming weeks. “It’s not good,” said Tran.,,, The dead zone is an area of ocean containing little to no oxygen. It is a phenomenon that typically peaks in the summer and dissipates in the winter. However, this summer’s dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico is predicted to be unusually large,,, Video, >click to read< 14:10

Attorneys continue municipal law debate in case against Nordic Aquafarms

As the lawsuit against Nordic Aquafarms, Inc., the City of Belfast, and other parties-in-interest continues the slow procession through the legal system, the amount of evidence submitted for the case has grown to require two two-inch binders, holding stipulation exhibits 1-36, which include emails, public notices, and City of Belfast Answers to Interrogatories, etc. The binders are in addition to a legal file also nearly an inch thick filled with court dates, motions, objections, and other legal documents.  The suit, brought by Eleanor Daniels and Donna Broderick, has been one of many issues Nordic has encountered on its quest to build one of the world’s largest land-based salmon farms in the small coastal city. >click to read<12:27

Fishermen drop anchor in protest

Fishermen in Greystones, Co Wicklow, took to the water around the town’s marina yesterday in protest over a decade-long dispute about access to the harbour.  Fishermen from the area moored five boats in the marina, asking other harbour users not to pass by, as their row with the local council and harbour operators escalated. Fisherman Tim Storey said the protest was to show locals who have fished waters nearby and previously ,,, click to read< 11:51

Little attention has been paid to grass carp, a gluttonous herbivore that could decimate Great Lakes wetlands

Chicago has long been characterized as the last line of defense in the war to prevent bighead and silver carp from reaching the Great Lakes. But as efforts ramp up, another little-discussed species of Asian carp is already spawning in the region and could become the first to be established. Illinois and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have moved closer to constructing a channel,,, Unlike silver and bighead carp that scientists say would compete directly with Great Lakes fish for food, grass carp eat vegetation that provides vital habitat for the region’s waterfowl,,, Some Great Lakes states — Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York — still allow grass carp to be imported,  Video>click to read<11:11

Maine Aqua Ventus floating wind farm gets green light

Maine Gov. Janet Mills gave the go-ahead for a floating offshore wind farm off the coast of Maine. “With the innovative work being done at University of Maine, our state has the potential to lead the world in floating offshore wind development,” Mills said. “This long-overdue bill will move us in that direction.” >click to read<10:10

Western Pacific Fishery Management Council meeting in Honolulu, HI, June 25-27, 2019

Time: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Location: YWCA Fuller Hall, Honolulu, HI. 178th CM Summary of Action Items, 178th CM WPRFMC Agenda
178th CM FR Notice Can’t make it to the Laniakea YWCA Fuller Hall for the 178 CM? You can listen to the meeting online by clicking the link: https://wprfmc.webex.com/join/info.wpcouncilnoaa.gov08:58

To Save the Whales, Crab Fishers Are Testing Ropeless Gear

Commercial crab fisher Dick Ogg, of Bodega Bay, California, knows his industry and its several hundred fishers must adapt. “We have to change. This is all about protecting our environment, the creatures that live in it, and our industry,” Ogg says. Last year, Ogg voluntarily tested two prototypes that deploy crab pots without leaving ropes in the water. One, made by Desert Star Systems, is designed so a fisher can send an acoustic signal that triggers the pot to open a mesh bag, releasing a buoy and coiled rope that float to the surface. In his test, the retrieval gear never appeared and Ogg lost his pot. >click to read<08:34