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The real Sea Wolf: Captain Alexander MacLean (Part 1)

Many people are aware that Jack London spent time in Korea as a war correspondent during the Russo-Japanese War (1904-05).,, But London has another connection (although tenuous) to Korea through one of his greatest fictional antagonists ― Wolf Larsen. Larsen may have been fictional but he was based on one of London’s acquaintances ― Captain Alexander MacLean. In the 1890s, Nova Scotian-born Alexander MacLean was a well-known name in the regions surrounding the northern Pacific Ocean. Standing 175 centimeters tall and weighing about 86 kilograms, he stood out among his peers, not so much because of his physical size or his blue eyes, or even his 45-centimeter-long moustache (he kept the tips tied together behind his head), but because of his personality and exploits. >click to read<  15:21

The real Sea Wolf: Russians try to tame ‘Sea Wolf’ Captain Alexander MacLean (Part 2)>click to read<

A cod quality experiment in Bonavista: From 1984, how longliners were trying to improve fish quality

In 1985, Newfoundland and Labrador’s government brought in fish quality regulations that applied across the province. But a year earlier, those regulations were being put into place in Bonavista — sometimes successfully, sometimes controversially. That experiment was the focus of this 1984 archival episode of Land & Sea, which you can view below.  Those rules — which included stipulations on how fish would be processed at sea and a grading system — were meant to improve the quality, and therefore the price, of fish caught off the province’s shores. Similar quality regulations had been in place in Iceland and Norway in the 1920s. Video’s, >click to read< 13:19

P.E.I.’s fall 2019 lobster season starts Thursday. For the first time since 2015, no fall carapace increase scheduled

The president of the Prince County Fishermen’s Association (PCFA) is hoping this is the year fall lobster fishermen in the northern part of Lobster Fishing Area (LFA) 25 get caught up with their counterparts in the south of their district.  After a five-millimetre carapace size increase, spread out over three consecutive years, there are no further increases scheduled for the fall season. The stop in the carapace climb is “very important, especially at the north end,” Lee Knox said. “It’s great we’re finally there. Hopefully, this year, we will see an increase in the north end rather than a decrease.”  >click to read< 12:33

TRAWL-OUT WAR The French and British fishermen set for battle at sea if UK leaves the EU without a deal

In a coastal arc from Poole, Dorset, to Lowestoft in Suffolk, his co-op’s trawlers net tons of herring, plaice, sole, squid, cuttlefish, mackerel and red mullet, mostly for sale in France, Italy and Spain. On Boulogne-sur-Mer’s quayside, 32,000 tonnes of fish are landed each year and 5,000 jobs depend on the industry. But with a No-Deal Brexit on the horizon, Eric’s flotilla faces being banned from fishing in UK waters. “It will be a disaster for us,” he says. Britain will exit the Common Fisheries Policy at midnight on October 31 if Boris Johnson pushes through Brexit without a deal. >click to read<11:26

Election / Candidates share their views on the fishing and aquaculture sector

Shetland News contacted each of the candidates for the Shetland by-election for their views on the fishing and aquaculture sectors and their prospects in a post-Brexit Britain. Here is what they had to say. Johan Adamson, Scottish Labour: “There is no doubt that the fishermen feel aggrieved at the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP,,, Brydon Goodlad, Scottish Conservatives: “Brexit represents a huge opportunity for our fishing industry,,, Stuart Martin, UKIP:  Over 90 per cent of Scottish fishermen voted out of the EU.,,, Ian Scott, independent, Michael Stout, independent, Tom Wills, Scottish National Party >click to read<  10:50

Asian Carp Crisis: Sen. Blackburn meets with fishermen in Henry County

Local fishermen and government agencies met at North American Caviar Inc. in Henry County Friday morning to discuss solutions to a looming crisis. “Before the carp, no, I’ve never seen anything like this,” said local commercial fisherman Neil Matlock. For small businesses like North American Caviar, harvesting carp isn’t as lucrative. Local fishermen agreed that they need more help from the state if they want to expand capacity and catch more carp. >click to read<  09:45

Listen to those who know: Fishery managers should be paying attention to voices of experience

Could we stop talking about working with the fishery experts and start actually working with them? The experts, in my opinion, are the folks who have survived by fishing for generations, not the ones with degrees but minimal field experience.,,, I’m not a management expert. But I have worked with most aspects of fisheries for 40 years, so I have a lot more than a clue. I have a better understanding and a lot more experience than many that claim expertise. I’ve attended more meetings, seminars, symposiums, public hearings and classes than I could afford to. I’ve dedicated my life to fishing. Much of this was to give back, trying to help. But it’s time for me to accept reality: by Capt. Van Hubbard >click to read<  08:22