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British Columbia: Mount Polley mine disaster 5 years later; emotions, accountability unresolved

People are swimming and fishing in Quesnel Lake five years after the largest environmental mining disaster in Canadian history, but residents of Likely, B.C., are still struggling with unresolved emotions about what happened and who will be held accountable for the dam collapse at the Mount Polley mine. A five-year deadline for federal Fisheries Act charges expired Sunday, while the possibility of other charges under the same act remains with no timeline for a decision. British Columbia missed the three-year deadline to proceed with charges under both the province’s Environmental Management Act and Mines Act. >click to read<21:47

Is seismic testing to blame for disappearing plankton? This scientist says it’s possible

Scientists have noticed a mysterious population crash in some of the Atlantic Ocean’s tiniest and most important species, and a Halifax biologist says oil and gas exploration may be to blame.,,, The tiny organisms are disappearing from Newfoundland and Labrador’s waters, and Lindy Weilgart says blasts from seismic air guns have been shown to wipe them out.,,, On the other side of the world, Australian scientists first found that testing with seismic air guns destroys plankton a few years ago, >click to read< 21:18

Sam Parisi invites “Good Morning America” to Bring America Back to Gloucester and New England!

Good Morning America did a nice little story about Captain Joe Piscatello, and his family, the people of the Fishing Vessel American Eagle, which is Sam’s family, and their story of choices that found the vessel sold and converted into a wind jammer (around 1986) video.,,, Good Morning America was in Gloucester, May 13, 1992, and it was shot on the day the NEFMC was cutting days at sea for conservation. video,  The issues from fish shortages to whale issues haven’t changed much. Sam would like to invite Good Morning America back,,, Under the circumstances of the issues that continue to cause stress and uncertainty for New England fishermen, lobstermen, and their support infrastructure, perhaps it is would be a good time to get Good Morning America to come back to New England. >click to read< 20:18

Arctic Corsair move: Emotional moment historic trawler sails the River Hull once more

This the poignant moment Hull’s historic Arctic Corsair sailed along the River Hull once more after 20 years. The country’s last surviving distant water sidewinder trawler moved from its current berth on Sunday morning in an emotional send-off. Huge crowds gathered to see the relocation of the trawler, which signals the start of Hull’s next major, heritage-led regeneration project to capitalise upon its spectacular success as UK City of Culture. Video, Plenty of photo’s’, >click to read< 14:31

Offshore wind deal pushing forward at New London State Pier

Three months after Gov. Ned Lamont’s May 2 announcement of the deal, state and local officials, State Pier operator Gateway and Danish offshore wind giant Orsted and its partner Eversource say negotiations are on schedule, with attorneys likely to finalize details and sign a contract within a few months.,,, Meanwhile, the Connecticut Auditors of Public Accounts is set to begin its biennial audit of the authority amid a whistleblower complaint alleging misuse of funds. >click to read< 13:18

The real Sea Wolf: Russians try to tame ‘Sea Wolf’ Captain Alexander MacLean (Part 2)

After being caught almost red-handed poaching seals from a Russian island, Captain MacLean was summoned, along with most of his crew, to appear aboard the Russian warship Alert. This he complied with, but once aboard the Russian warship, a fight broke out and eventually the Americans were overpowered. A prize crew was then sent to the schooner. According to MacLean, “the American flag was floating at the masthead, and as the halyards were hammed and cut, it was no easy matter to get down. Several attempts were made but were unsuccessful. >click to read< 12:06

The real Sea Wolf: Captain Alexander MacLean (Part 1)>click to read<

Canadian iceberg hunter in search of ‘white gold’

“It’s a very fine piece of ice,” he proclaims. It’s midday and Edward Kean, a Canadian fisherman who now scours the North Atlantic for icebergs that have broken off from Greenland’s glaciers, is beaming.,, Every morning at dawn, Kean sails out with three other crew members to hunt what has become his own personal white gold: icebergs.  For more than 20 years, he has hauled in the mighty ice giants and then sold the water for a handsome profit to local companies, which then bottle it, mix it into booze or use it to make cosmetics. >click to read< 11:08

Fishing vessel runs hard aground on Naushon

The fishing boat Miss Jenna, which regularly docks at Tisbury Wharf Co. in Vineyard Haven Harbor, ran hard aground on Naushon early Friday morning.,,, Station Woods Hole respond to the Miss Jenna, Lt. Nathan Mendes said. Mark Brown, owner of TowBoat U.S. Falmouth, said he was on scene at 3:30 am, about 20 minutes ahead of the Coast Guard. >click to read<  09:11

Postscripts: Wolcott Palmer’s contraption made him the king of wooden lobster pots

Wolcott Palmer worked with wood, handsomely, and, based on his legacy of homes in Stonington and at least one in Weekapaug, monumentally, but what qualifies as ingenious was his production of wooden lobster pots, estimated, a few years before his death, at some 80,000 or more. Most were made in the last couple of decades of his life, and from machinery he rigged up over the years into what became a 12-station, drill-and-grind-and-saw-and-squeak, Rube Goldberg-like contraption in his roomy workshop set back and by a brook off Collins Road in Stonington. >click to read< 08:07