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Vineyard Wind Delay could be fatal; developer said it needed approval by end of August

IN A DECISION that could derail Vineyard Wind, federal regulators on Friday put their review of the project on hold temporarily while they seek to better understand the cumulative impact of the many wind farm projects being proposed along the eastern seaboard. A spokeswoman for the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management issued a statement saying the agency is expanding its draft environmental impact statement on the Vineyard Wind project to include a cumulative analysis of wind farm projects on the drawing board. >click to read< 19:24

Fishermen concerned discharge from large pipe is hurting crab fishing

A longtime crab fisherman in Cameron Parish is raising concerns about a water discharge he says is killing his livelihood. The State Department of Environmental quality is investigating. Seventy-two-year old Teddy Broussard of Grand Chenier would normally be crab fishing on a day like this, but he says discharge into a canal which empties into the Mermentau River has ruined the spot where he fishes.,,“Basically, my livelihood at this moment is, it’s pretty much 85% destroyed >click to read< 17:52

Extreme makeover!

It’s been a 10-month grind, but Captain Justin Johnson and the crew of the Toledo trawl vessel Pegasus have a formidable machine for taking on not just a half million pounds of Pacific whiting at a shot but also the frigid conditions of a January Bering Sea. Thousands of tons of steel went into the project at the Toledo Boat Yard.  >click to read< 14:34

Newport: Two fishing vessels collide near the mouth of the jaws Monday evening – no injuries – photos, August 20, 2014, The F/V Blue Horizon and the F/V Pegasus,,, >click to read<

New Bedford, Massachusetts fishing company, managers, vessel captain to pay in civil penalties

New Bedford, Massachusetts-based Vila Nova do Corvo II, Inc., company managers Carlos Rafael and Stephanie Rafael DeMello, and vessel captain Carlos Pereira agreed to pay a total of $511,000 in civil penalties and to perform vessel improvements. This was to ensure compliance measures to resolve federal Clean Water Act claims stemming from oily bilge discharges from the commercial fishing vessel Vila Nova do Corvo II, a related discharge of fuel oil filters, and violations of pollution control regulations. The United States filed the complaint in this action in April 2019 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts.  >click to read< 13:00

FISH-NL to hold news conference Monday on membership drive

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, Aug. 9th, 2019, The Federation of Independent Sea Harvesters of Newfoundland and Labrador (FISH-NL) has scheduled a news conference for Monday, Aug. 12, regarding its 2019 membership drive. The conference will be held at 11 a.m. at FISH-NL’s office, located at 5 Job St. in downtown St. John’s. All media are invited to attend.  Contact: Ryan Cleary 682 4862

Prince Edward Island: With no size increase, fishermen optimistic of good catch rates

Prince Edward Island fall lobster fishermen set out from ports from Tignish to Victoria on Thursday morning as their fall season officially got underway at 6 a.m The fishery takes in the western half of the Northumberland Strait and also involves mainland fishermen from Chatham, N.B., to Amherst, N.S. Video, >click to read< 11:29

North Carolina Fisheries Association Weekly Update for August 09, 2019

Legislative updates, Bill updates, Calendar, >Click here to read the Weekly Update<, to read all the updates >click here<, for older updates listed as NCFA >click here< From Our Executive Director – Glenn Skinner, The NCFA will be hold a meeting Thursday, August 15 from 3-6pm at the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott located at 2090 W.15th Street, Washington, NC to discuss the proposed changes to the Southern Flounder FMP.,,, This issue is very important and we encourage everyone involved in the Flounder fishery to attend 11:04

Coast Guard Cutter Forward assists disabled vessel 149 miles off Cape Henry, Virginia

The Coast Guard assisted two people aboard a 67-foot commercial fishing vessel 149 miles east of Cape Henry, Thursday. Watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Hampton Roads received the initial call Wednesday afternoon from the vessel, F.V Hope and Sydney,  who stated its engine was excessively burning oil and would not be able to make it back to shore. >click to read<

‘It’s gonna kill this community’: A tiny Alaska town and others in the state brace as governor guts budget

The little fishing town of Cordova, perched next to the Copper River Delta in Prince William Sound, is no stranger to the cycles of catastrophe, hardship and recovery. But residents say Alaska’s current budget crisis, which has pitted a Republican governor and his red pen against legislators — and inspired a bipartisan recall campaign — is unlike any threat they’ve ever faced. Cordovans are especially worried about cuts to the ferry system, their highway to the outside world.,, “This is a dismantling of our state: economically, emotionally, morally,” said Rep. Louise Stutes, a Republican who represents parts of south-central Alaska, including Cordova. “It’s unreal. It’s just stinking unreal.” >click to read< 10:15

Legislative Update: Amended budget is just a start for ferry service – By Rep. Louise Stutes – >click to read< 

NY spending $2M to study offshore wind impact on waterways, fishing

New York State said Thursday it will spend more than $2 million for five studies to examine ways to reduce offshore wind farms’ impact on marine environments and commercial fishing.,,, Bonnie Brady, executive director of the Long Island Commercial Fishing Association, offered tepid applause for the state’s decision to award the study grants. “It’s great that we’ve gotten some funding but there’s a ticking time bomb once these turbines hit the water,” Brady said. “The monitoring and research should have started long ago, so we are playing catch-up to try to get data we need to make sure we do no harm.”Said Brady, “Being an environmentalist means you do no harm, but everyone is throwing that out the window”, >click to read< 08:57

European utility sees big opportunity in U.S. offshore wind – One of Europe’s largest utilities intends to become a player in the U.S. offshore wind industry, as it sees the Northeast as the biggest opportunity in the worldwide market. >click to read<