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A Fisherman is dead and 2 Fishermen were rescued after fall overboard from a menhaden fishing vessel

The Coast Guard is leading an investigation after a fisherman died after tumbling overboard while performing maintenance operations. The unidentified victim reportedly fell overboard Wednesday morning.  Ocean Harvesters, the contracted company for Omega Protein, says the victim was aboard a menhaden fishing vessel when the incident occurred. A total of three fishermen reportedly went overboard while conducting fishing operations, with two of the men being rescued. >click to read< 20:10

Bluefin tuna shoals off Jersey ignite fishing quota debate

Jersey’s commercial fishing fleet wants their share of an emerging bluefin tuna market which is currently being exploited by French crews. For the second consecutive year bluefin tuna have been seen in huge numbers in Jersey waters.,,,Don Thompson, chairman of the Jersey Fishermen’s Association, said he was drafting a proposition to present to the Fisheries and Marine Resources Panel calling for laws to be relaxed. Commercial fishermen in Jersey and the UK currently have no allocated quota to land bluefin tuna. France does have a bluefin quota, with Gallic fishermen able to land and sell the fish,,, >click to read< 19:31

How sustainability efforts are helping the state’s fishing industry

Pete Dolan is the captain of the Ms. Manya, a commercial scallop boat. He’s ready to set sail on a week-long trip — and ideally, when he and his crew return, they will have caught a hefty 18,000 pounds of scallops. Business is booming in the state’s fishing industry, and Dolan claims federal regulations are to thank. Before those regulations were put in place in the mid-1990s, Dolan and his crew would have to spend more time on trips because anyone could go out and catch scallops, which meant supplies were low. But, sustainability efforts from NOAA, Video, >click to read<  18:01

The superstitious secrets of Aussie Lobster Men

Luck be a lobster tonight. Sailors and fishermen are famously superstitious and Brendan ‘Squizzy’ Taylor, one of the stars of reality series Aussie Lobster Men, is no exception. “I won’t leave on a Friday, definitely no bananas, even banana lollies. I won’t even allow them on the boat, or banana milkshakes, anything to do with bananas, I won’t allow that on the boat.” Video, >click to read<  16:40

Not Fake News! Low salinity suspected for poor crab harvest in Upper Chesapeake

At the beginning of July, media across Maryland delivered good news for those planning a traditional feast of Chesapeake Bay blue crabs on Independence Day.,,, “The survey is in,” echoed WMAR, another Baltimore station, “and it comes with great news for Maryland crab lovers!” Someone apparently forgot to tell the crabs, at least in the Upper Bay. While supplies were generally ample in the Lower Bay through spring into summer, crabbers in other places had a hard time finding enough of the crustaceans to satisfy their crab-craving customers. “In 43 years of crab potting, this has been the worst I’ve seen,” Charles County waterman Billy Rice,,, >click to read< 14:36

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 46′ Split Wheelhouse Jarvis Newman Lobster Boat, Cat 3406E

Specifications, information and 19 photos >click here< To see all the boats in this series, >click here< 12:53

East Hampton Trustee Calls On State To Control Gillnets Better After Whale Entanglement

After a summer in which fishing nets anchored just off South Fork beaches ensnared swimmers and a seal and a humpback whale, East Hampton Town Trustee Rick Drew is calling for an overhaul of the regulations on gill net fishing off Long Island. The Trustee and avid fisherman said that he believes there need to be new restraints that dictate where gill nets can be set, and how long they can be left unattended, as well as better enforcement of the rules by the State Department of Environmental Conservation. >click to read<  11:06

Following seal predation report, FFAW calls for government action

FFAW-Unifor accuses the Department of Fisheries and Oceans of remaining “complacent while evidence mounts that an overpopulation of seals is having a serious impact on important fish species.” A study conducted by DFO shows that a lack of cod recovery in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence may be caused by predation by grey seals, and could account for up to 50 per cent of natural cod mortality. This is limiting the cod stock’s recovery, DFO said. An assessment predicts a 32 per cent drop in cod numbers over the next four years. >click to read<  10:03

Nothing but Net – A commercial captain starts a school for fishermen

Joe Sanfilippo, 47, spent 28 years working alongside his four older brothers on his family’s fleet of three 80-foot fishing boats based in the famous Massachusetts fishing town. He has experience swordfishing, longlining and dragging for cod, haddock and pollock. Now, he wants to teach others some of what he knows in a vocational training program he’s developed called Extreme Gloucester Fishing. The curriculum for Extreme Gloucester Fishing includes 40 modules for eight subjects that take 830 hours of classroom work to complete. “I chose to teach net-mending first because it’s the thing you really need to know to get onto a commercial fishing vessel. You have to know that before they even give you a job.” >click to read<  09:09

Collision Course: Offshore Wind Turbines Present New (Unnecessary) Mortal Danger for Trawlermen

The fishermen who work off America’s Atlantic coast, are furious over plans to spear thousands of industrial wind turbines into their fishing grounds, destroying not only the seabed (the source of their income and prosperity), but wrecking their fishing grounds, forever. Trawlermen off the New Jersey coast have already told developers what they can do with their projects: Deepwater in Deep Trouble: Fishermen Tell Off-Shore Wind Farm Developers to [email protected]*#K Off,,, >click to read<  08:21