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Review: “A Speck in the Sea”, A Story of Survival and Rescue by John Aldridge and Anthony Sosinski

Man overboard! Montauk lobsterman John Aldridge only wished someone had shouted out that little missive the summer evening of 2013. But when the skilled sailor (he was a fisherman for two decades) slid off the flat open stern and into the sea while preparing his boat for a night of fishing, the two-man crew was “dead asleep and snoring” in the nose of the boat. The required life vest, a safety must aboard every commercial fishing boat? “We never wear ours,” Aldridge said, recounting his near-drowning almost four years ago.   >click to read< 20:53

B.C. confirms sockeye salmon have passed through Fraser River slide naturally

The British Columbia government says that for the first time, sockeye salmon are confirmed to have swum past the massive landslide on the Fraser River north of Lilooet. As of Friday, the province says nearly 18,000 salmon had swum past the slide on their own via the natural channel that’s being restored. Nearly 52,000 salmon, including sockeye, chinook and small numbers of pink and coho, have also been transported,,, >click to read< 18:12

Whaling town Taiji begins dolphin hunt

The hunting season for dolphins using a controversial “drive-hunting” method began Sunday in the whaling town of Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture, without any major protest from animal-rights groups. While local police officers were on high alert for anti-whaling campaigns, 12 boats left the town’s port around 5 a.m., but all returned without any catch,,, An ad hoc police box has been set up near the port and, together with police officers, personnel from the Japan Coast Guard will be deployed around the area. “Thanks to the security, we can do (hunting) with ease,” >click to read< 15:42

Georgia Shrimpers brace for Hurricane Dorian

Fishermen in the shrimp industry say the impending storm could blow away profits on the eve of the height of their season. In McIntosh County, shrimp boat captain Brooks Townsend says hurricanes have a negative impact on the shrimping industry. “We don’t want it to come here…mess us up. This is our best year coming up September and October, is about our best time of the year around for white shrimp, so if this comes in here, it’s gonna mess us up,” Townsend said. >Video, click to read< 14:10

Alaska village gives suspected drug dealer the boot with a one-way plane ticket out of town

A crowd of about 40 protesters fed up with illegal drug use in their Alaska village gathered along the Galena airport runway on Wednesday and presented a choice to a suspected methamphetamine dealer who had just landed, residents said. Young and old showed up for the demonstration. A woman held a written sign: “NO DRUG DEALERS ALLOWED.” A man threw on black clothes and led a black dog by a tight leash, to look the part of a drug agent ready to board the small plane. A village resident chosen as a spokesperson climbed aboard and discreetly delivered the message: Stay in the village and have every move scrutinized. Or, leave town and we’ll cover your ticket home. >click to read< 13:09

Hurricane Dorian Update: Dorian becomes the strongest Hurricane in modern records for the Northwestern Bahamas

At 1100 AM EDT (1500 UTC), the extremely distinct eye of Hurricane Dorian was located near latitude 26.5 North, longitude 76.8 West. Dorian is moving toward the west near 7 mph (11 km/h). A slower westward motion should continue for the next day or two, followed by a gradual turn toward the northwest. On this track, the core of extremely dangerous Hurricane Dorian will continue to move over Great Abaco and move near or over Grand Bahama Island later tonight and Monday. The hurricane should move closer to the Florida east coast late Monday through Tuesday night. >click to read< 11:01

NJ leads country in fishing production

“The Jersey Seafood industry is a tremendous benefit to the state’s economy with the responsible supply that is landed in our state each year,” NJ Secretary of Agriculture Doug Fisher said. “New Jersey is among the leaders in the country in several seafood categories because of our hard-working commercial fishermen and successful seasons year after year.”,,,  Viking Village in Barnegat Light is dedicated to keeping local and U.S. fishermen fishing and harvesting responsibly. >click to read<  10:15

First Nations along Fraser River want sport fishing closed to save at risk species

So far this season, Guerin said Fisheries and Oceans Canada (known as DFO) limited Musqueam fishers to a few hundred chinook from the river, nowhere near enough to feed the nation’s 1,300 members let alone supply funerals and other community events like ceremonies and feasts. “I’ve got elders this year, this may be their last fish, and I can’t give it to them,” he said. “That hurts.”,,, Musqueam Chief Wayne Sparrow said they want to be part of the conservation efforts, but First Nations’ needs take priority over recreational fishing according to a 1990 Supreme Court ruling. That means the sport fishery should bear the brunt of any restrictions when there are concerns about the state of salmon populations. >click to read< 08:50