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New England Fishmongers say catch shares are driving them out of business

If things can’t turn around for Capt. Tim Rider, the owner of New England Fishmongers, he and his business partner will be out of business at the end of this month.,,, Beto,,, The biggest economic hurdle for Rider, who still uses a rod and reel to bring in most of his fish, is catch shares. That’s when part of a share of a species of fish is allocated to individual fishermen or groups. In most cases, fishermen or groups can buy or sell or lease shares. “Someone owns the rights to the fish and can sell the rights to the highest bidder,” >click to read< 18:40

What we know and don’t know about dive boat Conception’s demise – crew, ship and regulations are all under scrutiny

Amid anguish over 34 lives lost in the fire that consumed a recreational diving boat off the Channel Islands this week — one of the worst passenger boat accidents in modern history — a central question lingers: What could have caused such a swift, deadly catastrophe? Speculation has swirled from overheated lithium batteries in charging cell phones and laptops to enhanced oxygen to prolong dives and electrical wiring. But as investigators probe the Labor Day disaster, attention is focusing on three key areas: the crew’s actions and training, the boat’s design and construction, and the regulations governing the operation. >click to read< 14:06

Search warrants served in California boat fire investigation>click to read< 18:16

Restored Mayflower II makes historic return to the water

When the Mayflower II vessel first splashed into the sea some 62 years ago, it wasn’t a calm affair. “The Mayflower II was launched on April 1, 1957 during a thunderstorm,” Nathaniel Philbrick, a Mayflower historian and keynote speaker at the ship’s relaunch, said Saturday. “Soon after hitting the water, the hull almost rolled over and capsized due to a lack of ballast. It will be interesting to see what happens today.” >Click to read< 12:59

NOAA makes plans for sea lion control

NOAA Fisheries has released a draft plan for public comment to remove and kill as many as 416 California and Steller sea lions each year in a 180 mile stretch of the Columbia River from just downstream of Bonneville Dam at river mile 112 upstream to McNary Dam at river mile 292.,,, Addressing sea lion predation is part of a comprehensive salmon and steelhead recovery strategy, NOAA says. ,,,“This action is intended to reduce or eliminate sea lion predation on the fishery stocks that are listed as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act of 1973,” >click to read< 11:48

Coast Guard, port partners conducting rescue operation for 4 aboard disabled, on fire vessel in St. Simons Sound

The Coast Guard and port partners are searching for four crewmembers aboard a disabled cargo vessel with a fire on board Sunday morning in St. Simons Sound, Brunswick, Georgia. Currently, 20 people have been safely removed and four people remain unaccounted for on the M/V GOLDEN RAY, a 656-foot vehicle carrier. The vessel is listing heavily in the St. Simons Sound. >click to read<  10:53

Queensland fisheries face tighter regulations? No, They face elimination, which contiues world wide.

New fishing regulations announced by the Queensland Government could seriously harm regional communities, limit the supply of fresh seafood and force long-term fishers out of the industry,,, But the commercial sector said the changes would cripple an industry already struggling under heavy regulation and increasing overhead costs. Queensland Seafood Industry Association (QSIA) senior vice president Allan Bobberman said the decision to cut 25 per cent of his allocation in the inshore net fishery was neither justified nor based on science. >click to read< 08:52

Hurricane Dorian: Crane toppled, buildings damaged, record number in Nova Scotia without power in storm’s wake

A record number of Nova Scotians — over 390,000 customers — woke up without power Sunday morning in the wake of destructive hurricane Dorian. The powerful storm took down a crane, ripped roofs off apartments and uprooted trees as it charged across Nova Scotia on Saturday and into Sunday morning. photo’s >click to read< 07:58