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The Women Doing Canada’s Most Dangerous Job: Fishing

“The first two captains I asked for employment—one was a family friend and the other my uncle—told me no when I asked for a job,” Fleet said. “As I’d never done it before, I didn’t exactly know what the risks and dangers were.” At the time, Fleet knew of only one woman who worked on a lobster boat, out of an estimated 1,500 Grand Manan residents in the industry. The only position she found was available because few others wanted to take it. Notorious for being reckless and hard to work with, the captain had lost two of his crewmen overboard the previous spring, though he was able to retrieve them safely. When she heard Fleet would be working with him, Fleet’s mother cried. >click to read< 21:01

Fishing Vessel Crew Member Held For Assault On The High Seas After Allegedly Stabbing Ship’s Captain Off Pensacola Coast

United States Attorney for the Northern District of Florida Lawrence Keefe today announced a criminal complaint against Robert Odom, a crew member on a commercial fishing vessel who allegedly attacked and wounded the vessel’s captain with a pellet gun and long-blade knife as the vessel was underway in the Gulf of Mexico off Pensacola. The criminal complaint against Odom, 46, was lodged by the United States Coast Guard Investigative Service.  >click to read< 19:56

Gondan Shipyard launches new Freezer Trawler

Saturday (Sep28) at GONDAN Shipyard in Figueras, at high tide, the launching of a new Fishing Stern Trawler Vessel built for Prestfjord AS took place. The vessel, designed by Kongsberg Maritime has a length of 77.3 m and a beam of 17 m. Built-in steel with aluminum superstructure, the stern trawler will operate in Arctic areas, in the Barents Sea and Svalbard waters. >click to read< 18:17

DUI interlock issue nearly sinks fisherman

The finicky nature of Washington’s ignition interlock program almost landed a man in jail after he failed to have the machine calibrated on time. Scott Goldade, 45, appeared before Pacific County South District Court Judge Nancy McAllister on Wednesday Sept. 25 for sentence compliance violations. Goldade works as a boat engineer for commercial fishing vessels.  When Goldade got back from fishing on July 16 he realized he’d missed his service date when his car wouldn’t start.  >click to read< 15:36

Federal Liberals treat East Coast fishery as ‘second class’; move to ban at-sea fish farms off BC, but not eastern Canada?

The Federation of Independent Sea Harvesters of Newfoundland and Labrador (FISH-NL) accuses the Liberal Party of Canada of talking out of both sides of its mouth for promising to phase out at-sea salmon farms in British Columbia while ignoring Eastern Canada. “The impact of open-pen aquaculture is the exact same on both coasts, with the same companies reportedly operating on both ends of the country, but the Liberal policy is strictly for the West Coast,” says Ryan Cleary, President of FISH-NL. “How does that make sense? How is that fair? Do the Liberals consider the East Coast fishery a second-class industry?” >click to read<  14:41

Arch bridge collapses in Taiwan, plummeting oil tanker into fishing boats

A towering arch bridge over a bay in eastern Taiwan collapsed Tuesday, sending a burning oil tanker truck falling onto boats in the water below. An air force helicopter, fishing vessels and more than 60 military personnel, including divers, were searching for possible victims. Six people are believed trapped on one of the fishing boats, the National Fire Agency said.  The 460-foot-long bridge collapsed about 9:30 a.m. in Nanfangao, a tiny but often-crowded Pacific coast fishing village. Video, photos, >click to read<  13:24

The Toothy Grin of Bow Art! Shark mouth painted on his vessel is catching lots of attention

The new paint job on the boat Wedgeport fisherman Jeff Boudreau bought last year is snagging lots of interest. Knot Too Shore is wearing a toothy shark grin across her bow that can’t help but be noticed and it’s the perfect fit for Boudreau’s boat.,,, He says the shark mouth on his vessel is catching lots of attention “It’s only been on two days and people have been talking about it a lot.” >click to read<  11:09

China tariffs sinking overseas sales, Provincetown lobstermen not feeling the pinch

“It’s killed our price. It’s killed our markets,” said state Rep. Ann-Margaret Ferrante of Gloucester.,,, Multiple Massachusetts businesses, especially those in Gloucester, have been adversely affected as they cannot compete with Canadian wholesale prices. But the lobstermen themselves are not feeling the pinch, and if anything are seeing their prices rise, Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association Executive Director Beth Casoni said. “The fishermen are happy,” Casoni said. “They’re making money.” >click to read< 09:29

Fish farmers are upset by proposal by Canada’s ruling Liberal Party to ban all open net salmon farming in British Columbia by 2025.

The pledge, supported by various political groups in the province, has now been accepted as official future policy by the Liberals, led by Justin Trudeau, Canada’s controversial Prime Minister. Yesterday, the CAIA, together with its regional counterparts, including the BC Salmon Farmers Association and groups on the Atlantic coast, issued a statement rejecting the proposal. Timothy Kennedy, president and CEO of the CAIA, said: ‘The Liberal platform commitment to moving all salmon production in British Columbia to ‘closed containment by 2025’ is highly irresponsible,,, >click to read<  08:36

Liberal promise to end open-pen salmon farms in B.C. making waves on East Coast>click to read<  10:23

Federal Liberals treat East Coast fishery as ‘second class’; move to ban at-sea fish farms off BC, but not eastern Canada?>click to read< 16:01