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B.C. is well positioned to become a world leader in land-based salmon farming, By Eric Hobson

I am writing to applaud the Liberal party’s recent commitment to transition the open net-pen salmon farming industry to closed containment by 2025. The Liberal party platform recognizes that, around the world, open net-pen salmon farming is a sunset industry, and the time has come to support movement to closed containment in B.C. to protect our wild Pacific salmon and revitalize our aquaculture industry, ensuring we preserve jobs in both aquaculture and the wild salmon economy. >click to read<  21:35

There’s a new fight over Bering Sea black cod.

Record numbers of young black cod, also known as sablefish, are swimming off Alaska’s coast; scientists estimate that this group of fish, which had huge reproductive success in 2014, is twice the size of the next-largest on record, from 1977. The small-boat fishermen who catch black cod, many of whom live in Southeast Alaska, are eagerly waiting for the young fish to grow larger and commercially valuable. But they’re getting frustrated seeing increasing numbers of black cod caught accidentally, as bycatch, by the Seattle-based trawlers that target lower-value species in the Bering Sea, like the pollock that go into McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwiches. >click to read< 16:43

14 Stocks Reviewed, 2019 Northeast Groundfish Operational Assessment Report is Available

Pre-publication copies of our report on the 2019 operational assessments for 14 Northeast groundfish stocks are now available. The document will be reformatted later for publication in an NEFSC document series, but the content will not change. You may download the pdf version of the document >click here to review< . For more information or assistance obtaining a copy of the report Ariele Baker, NEFSC Population Dynamics Branch, 508.495.4741

Lobster boat racing season was a summer success

As attention begins to turn from boat motors to snow blowers, the Maine Lobster Boat Racing Association reports that the summer racing season was a resounding success. With 10 events on the card spread over venues ranging from Portland to Jonesport-Beals, according to MLBRA President Jon Johansen, 823 boats took part in races last summer. That’s the largest number of boats ever to compete in the summer racing series. >click to read< 14:33

Always Top Quality! Your Seafreeze Ltd. Price Sheet for October 2019 Has Arrived!

“The only thing we treat our fish with, is respect” – Contact our sales team today @ 401 295 2585 or 800 732 273. To review the complete price list from Seafreeze Ltd., >Click here< –  >Click here to visit our website<13:39

Chinook Salmon Return to a Revitalized San Joaquin River

A staggering number of Chinook salmon are returning to a California river that hasn’t sustained salmon for decades due to agricultural and urban demands, giving biologists hope that threatened fish are finally spawning in their native grounds without human help. Officials working on a restoration program announced Tuesday that they have counted a record number of spring-run Chinook salmon fish nests (redds) so far this fall on a stretch of the San Joaquin River near Fresno. >click to read<  13:02

P.E.I. lobster season closes Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2019

Despite missing about 10 fishing days, including four last week due to foul weather, Miminegash lobster fisherman Thane Deagle said Tuesday he’s quite satisfied with the Lobster Fishing Area 25 fall lobster fishery, which closes Wednesday. Deagle said his catch was up over last year, and he thinks just about every fall lobster fisherman saw an increase this year.,, Catches were not the only improvement P.E.I.’s fall fishermen witnessed this year. >click to read<  12:17

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 65′ Steel Longliner/Lobster Boat, 400HP Iveco, 45 KW Gen Set, Price Reduced!

Specifications, information and 6 photos >click here< To see all the boats in this series, >click here<  11:29

This is why small-scale local fishermen fear being ‘put out of business’

Together, Sean and Bill Hunter have fished Littlehampton’s waters for more than 85 years. But the father and son duo fear the ‘life could be squeezed’ from their livelihood by laws to stop them fishing near the coast.,, The Sussex Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority wants to introduce a byelaw which could mean Bill and Sean would need a permit to fish using nets, and would stop them netting between 0.5 and 1.5km from the coast ‘to protect both migratory and juvenile fish stocks’. >click to read< 10:12

Blessing of the Fleet: Ceremony honors industry, heritage

The fishermen’s willingness to risk their lives on the open water to make a living providing fresh seafood is why the Blessing of the Fleet ceremony weighs heavily on the community’s heart. This year’s ceremony was held Sunday at the N.C. State Port of Morehead City. It marks the 21st annual event after last year’s Blessing was canceled due to Hurricane Florence’s lasting impact on the county in mid-September 2018, especially to the fishing community. >click to read<  50 Photos: Blessing of the Fleet in Moorehead City, North Carolina >click to review<   08:45