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Schneiderman reach’s out to fed, state and county governments for help with storm-socked Dune Road

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman has reached out for help with a “critical condition” on Dune Road, flooding that he said could soon become a disaster if not addressed. After four emergency declarations on storm-socked Dune Road near the commercial fishing dock in Hamptons Bays, Schneiderman reached out to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation via a letter requesting rehabilitation assistance. “I write to advise of a critical condition at the West of Shinnecock Inlet project that imminently threatens,,, >click to read<  19:35

North Carolina Fisheries Association Weekly Update for November 22 , 2019

Legislative updates, Bill updates, Calendar, >Click here to read the Weekly Update<, to read all the updates >click here<, for older updates listed as NCFA >click here<  17:00

Scallop Drag and Dive License Lotteries Winners Announced

The Maine Department of Marine Resources has announced the individuals whose names were drawn in the 2019 scallop drag and scallop dive license lotteries. For the 2019 licensing year, six drag licenses were made available. Nine drag licenses were retired in 2018, and a ratio of 3:2 is used to calculate the number of new drag entrants. Four dive licenses were made available. Four dive licenses were retired in 2018, and a ratio of 1:1 is used to calculate the number of new dive entrants. >click to read the details< 16:13

Fishermen look to DC delegation for aid, Fish bill like farm bill touted, but monitoring costs biggest concern

Former fisherman Sam Parisi appeared before the city Fisheries Commission on Thursday night to tout his campaign for national legislation to help fishermen as the federal Farm Bill helps farmers. “We need someone to draft a fish bill like the farm bill,” Parisi told the commission members at City Hall.,, The commission members, in the end, decided the best course is to work with Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken to set up a meeting — a fish summit of sorts,,, >Click to read< 13:06

December 15, 2017 – Lets meet and build a consensus to have Congress enact a U.S. Fisheries Bill – Sam Parisi >click to read Sam Parisi’s posts<

Gulf Coast leaders form coalition to protect Mississippi Sound after devastating spillway openings

The marine life in the Mississippi Sound endured a tumultuous spring and summer this year due to freshwater from the Mississippi River flowing in at an unprecedented rate. Freshwater entered the Sound through the Bonnet Carré Spillway, a structure in Louisiana that releases water from the Mississippi River to prevent flooding in New Orleans. Never before had the spillway been opened in consecutive years, nor twice in one year; the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which operates the gates, broke both those records this year after a historic wet season across the river’s basin. >click to read< 11:38

Battered by a marine heatwave, Kodiak’s cod fishermen may not be fishing in the Gulf for much longer

From the last peak in 2014, the level of mature, spawning cod crashed by more than half in the Gulf, according to stock assessment data — 113,830 metric tons in 2014 to 46,080 metric tons in 2017. They’re now below the federal threshold that protects cod as a food source for endangered Stellar sea lions. As soon as the population dips below that line, the fishery closes. The whole federal cod fishery in the Gulf will most likely be shut down for the season in January. >click to read<  10:36

Lobster Council of Canada implementing long-term value marketing strategy

A three-year marketing and promotion strategy for Canadian lobster is being implemented by the Lobster Council of Canada.,,, “We will then implement a comprehensive generic marketing and promotion strategy in the domestic market, the United States and take advantage of positive trade agreements such as CETA and CPTPP in Europe and Asia,” says Irvine.,, The North Atlantic Right Whale, the Seafood Import Monitoring Program, the Marine Mammal Protection Act, Invasive Species in Sweden and EU, and Lobster Husbandry in EU and North America are among the known issues that can impact the marketplace for Canadian lobsters, he says. >click to read<  09:39

Fish-NL: Competition Bureau closes investigation into collusion involving fish processors; harvesters wouldn’t name names

The Federation of Independent Sea Harvesters of Newfoundland and Labrador (FISH-NL) is disappointed to learn that the federal Competition Bureau has closed its investigation into recent allegations of collusion involving fish processing companies. “Officials with the Competition Bureau say the people they interviewed wouldn’t give up names, and they couldn’t get the information they needed to carry out an investigation,” says Ryan Cleary, President of FISH-NL. “The cold, hard reality is that people living in small-town Newfoundland and Labrador fear repercussions for speaking out, and their livelihoods on the water will be jeopardized.” >click to read< 08:36

Calls for reform, and a coming resignation, as fight rages over coastal fisheries

A wildlife conservation group called this week for an overhaul in the way North Carolina manages its coastal fisheries, and a member of the policy-setting commission in charge is contemplating resignation. The N.C. Wildlife Federation voted Saturday to recommend a massive management consolidation over one of the state’s most contentious issues. Under their plan the Marine Fisheries Commission, a board appointed by the governor, and the Division of Marine Fisheries, which enforces rules day-to-day along the North Carolina Coast, would be folded into the state’s Wildlife Resources Commission. Video >click to read< 07:24