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One day before Brexit and Breton fishermen fear the worst!

“Cataclysm”, “catastrophe”, “brothel without name” … Breton fishermen are on the warpath with the approach of Brexit, which could deprive them of a large part of their fish resources and create enormous tensions in the English Channel. “A Brexit without agreement for fishermen, it will be a real disaster.  Their worst fear: a hard Brexit, without agreement with the United Kingdom, which would prohibit access to British waters overnight. “It would be a cataclysm,” recognizes Olivier Le Nezet, president of the Breton fisheries committee. >click to read< 21:38

NOAA calls for monitors on all groundfish trips, calls for Public Comments on proposal

The draft amendment to set at-sea monitoring coverages aboard all Northeast groundfish vessels has led an adventurous existence in the three years the New England Fishery Management Council has dedicated to developing the contentious measure. There was last year’s partial shutdown of the federal government that delayed the rule-setting process. The council, in March 2018, also chose to tap the brakes on the development of the measure known as Amendment 23, >click to read< 20:28

Boats can be replaced, people cannot

Our fishing village is mourning the recent loss of lifelong commercial fisherman Captain Joey Nickerson of the F/V Hayley Ann, a fourth-generation commercial fisherman from Cape Porpoise. Well-known, well-loved, a hard-working family man, a seasoned, experienced and skilled captain, Joey left behind a wife, daughter, grandchild, siblings, parents, nieces, nephews, in-laws, cousins, countless friends and a life and legacy to be proud of. by Shelley Wigglesworth >click to read< 18:00

Coronavirus shuts down Chinese market for live Nova Scotia lobsters sending industry into panic mode

The sudden and unexpected temporary loss of the Chinese market for Nova Scotia live lobsters due to the coronavirus epidemic is creating a panic situation for the lobster industry.,, “Some people had inventory put away for the Chinese New Year that never got all their product over there in time,” “Everybody’s trying to push lobsters into the U.S. now so they flooded that market on Monday. To be honest we have no sales at all for our lobsters at this point,” said Cotter. >click to read< 14:42

A message from NOAA’s Chris Oliver on conservation and management efforts for North Atlantic right whales

United States and Canada Must Sustain Additional Efforts to Reduce North Atlantic Right Whale Mortalities, Serious Injuries – Last Friday, we met once again with Canadian officials to continue our bilateral focus on the conservation and protection of North Atlantic right whales. The United States and Canada have a shared interest in recovering right whales, and it is critical for both countries to take and sustain additional efforts to reduce right whale mortalities and serious injuries. >click to read< 12:27

This is a story of a long-haul lobster – we’ll call him Larry

Rockport lobsterman Larry Stepenuck was hauling traps aboard his F/V Amie. The 46-year-old, Essex-built wooden boat was sitting in about four fathoms of water at the southeast tip of Straitsmouth Island, just off the coast of Rockport. As one trap broke the surface and came to the rail, Stepenuck saw what appeared to be a larger-than-average male lobster nestled among a group of females. “It was a big boy,” Stepenuck, 73, said. “It was borderline,” Stepenuck said. “I think it was just under 5 inches. I still decided to throw it over.” But then his attention was drawn to a greenish plastic tag that encircled a knuckle,,, >click to read< 10:20

Oregon suspends Columbia River reforms review, Spring Chinook allocation also in question

The Lower Mainstem Columbia River Fisheries Management Reforms were heavily negotiated and meant to ensure concurrency between the states of Washington and Oregon concerning salmon fishing rules on the Columbia River. It also provides a mechanism to move gill and tangle net commercial salmon fishing off the main stem of the river, and into off-channel fisheries. After five years, the states opened a review of the policy. Each state appointed three members of their fish and wildlife commissions to the Policy Review Committee, (PRC). The committee would then refer possible changes to the policy for eventual action by the full commissions. >click to read< 09:33

Crew safe after fire onboard Ocean Choice vessel

A fire broke out and was contained onboard a fishing vessel Wednesday afternoon, with all crew safe and accounted for, according to Canadian seafood company Ocean Choice International. OCI said in a statement Wednesday evening it had been working to get the crew of the Newfoundland Lynx back to shore. >click to read< 08:22

Alaska: Seafood industry facing challenges beyond harvest cuts

The Alaska seafood workforce, both on boats and on shore, is aging, and fewer young people are going into careers in the industry. While the graying of the fishing fleet is in part because of the high cost of entry for permits, boats, and equipment, there is also a looming shortage in processing plant workers. >click to read< 07:15