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‘Lobsters overboard’ as China bans live seafood trade over coronavirus fears

Australia’s seafood industry has been thrown into crisis by the ban, with local fishermen considering a plan to return thousands of lobsters to the open waters. The export industry has ground to a halt in Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania as China usually imports about 90 to 95 per cent of locally-grown lobsters. >click to read< 16:47

Seal attack on Nova Scotia island leaves a hunter left defenseless by fishery officers, with 26 stitches

Alexis Boudreault, 29, and nine other hunters were on Pictou Island Tuesday when the attack occurred. Only four of them were carrying hakapiks — clubs tipped with sharp hooks — after federal fisheries officers confiscated the tools from the others earlier in the day because their hooks were judged to be too long. Boudreault, therefore, was defenseless when the 225-kilogram male seal charged. >click to read< 14:21

Dennis Gaudet was fishing at 12; he’s still loves the industry nearly 57 years later

“I remember being down at North Cape, fishing out of a shanty shack and our boats were on the beach. We had to take a dory out to go fishing.” That’s back when a big boat was around 35 feet in length. He also remembers when a limit of 600 lobster traps was imposed in 1967. His father, Nelson, had just purchased a brand new 45-foot Hutt boat and was planning on setting 900 traps.,, The trap limit was subsequently reduced to 500, then 400 and later to 300.  >click to read< 11:59

F/V Pappy’s Pride: Grand Bay man dies in Galveston shrimp boat crash

One of the three crew members who died after their shrimp boat F/V Pappy’s Pride capsized off the coast of Galveston has ties to lower Alabama. Family members of Raymond “Taco” Herrera say he grew up in Bayou La Batre and later moved to Grand Bay. He started shrimping out of Galveston eight years ago. Video, >click to read< 09:48

Brexit at last: Britain leaves the EU as champagne corks fly, Post-Brexit talks gear up for fish fight

The United Kingdom finally cast off from the European Union on Friday for an uncertain future, with Brexiteers claiming victory and popping champagne corks for an “independence day” they said marked a new era for the country.,, On the white cliffs of Dover, the message: “The UK has left the EU” was projected between a British and an EU flag. >click to read< 07:51

Post-Brexit talks gear up for fish fight between EU, UK – When it comes to U.K.-European Union relations, there’s nothing like slapping a fish around. After all, both sides have been contesting who rules their waves practically since the United Kingdom became a member in 1973. >click to read<