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“If he wants war, we’ll give him war.” Company not rebuilding shrimp plant

Workers at the former shrimp plant in Black Duck Cove on the Great Northern Peninsula are ‘devastated’ by the news Gulf Shrimp Limited won’t be rebuilding, but they aren’t giving up. Eva Applin, a union representative for the workers, said workers won’t let this happen without a fight. Michelle Dredge,, It’s devastation here that they’re not going to come back with us,” she said. “They said they didn’t have enough work for 65 to 70 workers but have enough for 100 in St. Anthony.” The Black Duck Cove plant burned down in May, 2019. >click to read< 20:17

Dewey Hemilright: U.S.Fishermen in desperate need to level playing field in U.S. marketplace

The U.S.A is a member of ICCAT, which is the International body with 53 contracting party countries {CPC}with additional 6 countries having cooperating status that manages Highly Migratory species in the Atlantic Ocean,, ICCAT has a {SCRS}, which stands for {standing committee on research statistics},,, I attended as a member of U.S.A. delegation in November 15-25 ,2019 the 26th annual meeting of ICCAT in Mallorca, Spain. >click to read< 17:35

Coast Guard, responders prepare to move fishing vessel grounded in Hilo Bay

Responders are working to remove potential pollutants from the 63-foot fishing vessel, Midway Island, currently aground off Hilo. The Coast Guard is working with the Department of Land and Natural Resources and contractor personnel to mitigate the potential pollution threat from the vessel. Reportedly, a maximum potential of 1,800 gallons of diesel and two marine batteries are aboard. >click to read<14:50

The Daily Catch! What’s Your Story?

All hands on deck! We are looking for fisherman, fishermen’s spouses, loved ones, family members, people who work in and around the seas who have a story to tell. Join professional award-winning storytellers for a four week workshop which will end with a live performance of stories in front of a New Bedford audience. Share your experiences and wisdom! For more information, >click to read< 11:39

‘Graveyard of the Atlantic’ claims its latest victim off Outer Banks.

The infamous “Graveyard of the Atlantic” off North Carolina’s Outer Banks claimed its latest victim Friday on the shoals off Cape Lookout National Seashore. National Park Service officials posted photos Saturday of the fishing trawler Tamara Alane sitting “high and dry” on the beach after a dramatic rescue before dawn Friday. photos, >click to read< 09:11

Coast Guard hoists 4 fishermen after vessel runs aground near Shackelford Banks, North Carolina, February 7, 2020 – Video, >click to read<

Commercial fishermen fear seismic blasting in the Otway Basin will impact business and marine life

It’s understood Schlumberger Australia Pty Ltd have commenced a 100-day operation in a bid to find potential recoverable hydrocarbon – natural gas, oil and coal – in a 93,000 square kilometre area of the basin including off the entire south-west coast. It comes after the coronavirus outbreak halted crayfish exports across the country. Port Campbell cray fisherman Wayne Hanegraaf has thanked his lucky stars that he decided to sit this season out. >click to read<  06:30