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Decision to Keep Fishing Despite Flooding Led to Sinking

About 0330 local time on February 15, 2019, the commercial fishing vessel Pacific 1 was engaged in cod fishing in the Bering Sea near Kashega Bay, Unalaska Island, Alaska, when the vessel began to take on water at the stern. The five crewmembers abandoned the vessel and were rescued by the nearby Good Samaritan vessel Kona Kai. No crewmembers were injured in the accident, and an oil sheen was reported. The vessel sank and was considered a total constructive loss, valued at an estimated $720,000.,, The NTSB determined that the probable cause of the sinking was the captain’s decision to remain at sea with continuous flooding in the lazarette from an undetermined source, which accelerated,, more, >click to read< Read the report >here< 19:54

The women behind the sardine factories of Southwest Harbor

“It was guaranteed employment,” Corliss said, “You didn’t need an interview. “And it was really good money back then. If you were a fast packer, you could get more than the [standard] hourly wage. A lot of people would earn money for school clothes in the fall.”,, Sardines are in the herring family. When the fish were schooling, fishing crews would go out and haul in. When boats were out fishing, the factory whistle would blow to let people in town know to get ready to work, Corliss said. more, photo’s, >click to read< 18:05

Pacific Legal Foundation: Lawsuits filed to preserve swordfish industry and livelihoods

Swordfish is one of the most popular types of seafood. It is also a primary source of income for Chris and Dania Williams and a way of life for their entire family. Chris has been a swordfisherman for decades, and husband and wife have been selling their fresh catch at their Ventura market for nearly a decade. Chris is among approximately 20 active swordfish permit-holders in the state, many of whom also have run small, family-owned businesses,, California recently passed a law to phase out the remaining permits for swordfish, or drift gillnets, which are the only viable method for commercial swordfishing. This would end swordfishing in the state, even though federal regulations clearly allow the practice. more >click to read< 14:12

Coronavirus outbreak has Alaska fishing fleets on guard

“The protocols on cleaning and how to prevent a virus are already part of the procedures that we follow,” said Chad See, executive director of the Freezer Longline Coalition. “But the sense was that this is an issue we need to be on top of.”On the large vessels that catch and process seafood, dozens of crew members may be employed to work in remote areas of the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska. While at sea, the crews’ isolation shields them from a virus spreading on shore. But crew shifts bring new people on board, and could allow for the spread of the virus to a vessel. more >click to read< 12:04

Coronavirus: Snow crab fishery worries outbreak could be bad for business

Next to the lobster industry, snow crab is the biggest fishing industry in the province, as millions of dollars worth of New Brunswick snow crab is sold internationally. About 85 per cent of snow crab products are sold to U.S. markets, particularly casinos, restaurants, and all-you-can-eat buffets, popular in states like Florida, Georgia and Maryland. The New Brunswick delicacy is also popular on cruise ships.,, The industry won’t know what kind of impact the virus will have on the fishery until the season starts in April. more >click to read< 10:35

NAFC students make complete trawl from scratch

The Sea Fishing course runs over a period of 12 months with two college blocks to cover theory and other practical tasks which may be difficult to complete at sea. The latest college block saw the students make a complete trawl net from basic materials. NAFC boat skipper and fishing gear technician Arthur Johnson said; “It is a valuable exercise that gives the students an in depth knowledge about all the parts of the gear. photos, >click to read< 09:35

Canada unveils 2020 protection measures for North Atlantic right whales

Over the past several years, Canada has put in place comprehensive measures to help protect this species from interactions with fishing gear and vessels.,, announced the enhanced 2020 measures that will help reduce the risks to North Atlantic right whales during the 2020 season from April to November. To help prevent entanglements with fishing gear, Fisheries and Oceans Canada: will implement new season-long fishing closures in areas where whales are aggregating in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, expand temporary fishing closure areas into the Bay of Fundy, more >click to read< 07:59