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RCMP confims identification of the body found on Placentia Bay beach as Fisherman Isaac Kettle

The body recovered from a beach in Placentia Bay over the weekend is that of Isaac Kettle, a crew member of the Sarah Anne, which was lost at sea late last month. The RCMP confirmed the identification late Monday afternoon. Lobster fishermen on Saturday found a body in the area of Doughboy Cove, east of Arnold’s Cove, according to police. Police said at the time they had been in communication with the family of Kettle, who was one of four crew members who did not return to St. Lawrence after heading out to fish crab on the morning of May 25. The bodies of Edward Norman, 67; his son, Scott Norman, 35; and his nephew, Jody Norman, 42, were recovered the following day. >click to read< 16:59

Letter: Can you imagine they’re soft talking Whales and Wind Turbines? We don’t want to create the UNDERNET!

They have no Data!  There’s an impact study in great need! Where the Hell is Lube Job Jane? So they are like maybe the Whales won’t mind  a little inconvenience?! Talk about vertical lines! How about a Wall?! A physical one, with a combination of Electrical Current and Audio. The New Undernet! If I were a lobsterman i’d be pissed. Real pissed! At least those guys are mobile, They can get the Hell out of the way. In fact, they’re already doing it…We’re just starting to get a handle on things out there.. Let’s not turn it into an industrial dump! The Whales deserve better. >click to read< 16:14

Family Fishermen Move to Block Industry-Killing At-Sea Monitoring Rule

Cause of Action Institute (CoA Institute) today filed a motion for summary judgement on behalf of a group of New Jersey fishermen, asking a D.C. Federal Court to vacate job-killing fisheries regulations called the “Omnibus Amendment.” CoA Institute filed suit in February to challenge the industry-killing rule, which requires certain boats in the Atlantic herring fishery to carry “at-sea monitors” at their own cost. The Omnibus Amendment—designed by the New England Fishery Management Council (NEFMC) and finalized by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Department of Commerce—is expected to cost fishermen upwards of $700 a day, leading to a projected 20% drop in returns-to-owner (profit). Not only is this industry already overregulated, but the agencies are forcing this unlawful rule upon fisherman without any statutory authority to do so. >click to read< 15:25

How can Maritime fisheries prevent another species collapse?

At a time when the Atlantic fishery industry is facing pressure from the Coronavirus crisis and reaching out for federal help, a Concordia researcher is focused on how to help the industry. “One of the things that can make fishing a difficult profession is the inherent uncertainty of the availability of fish stocks. The abundance of any single species can change quite a bit from one year to the next, and the kinds of regime shifts that I study can lead to even larger and longer-lasting shifts that are difficult to predict,” says Eric Pedersen, assistant professor of biology in the Faculty of Arts and Science. For those who experienced the 1990s collapse of the cod fishery in the Atlantic northwest, life was very hard. The government moratorium put tens of thousands out of work and had a catastrophic effect on the regional economy. At the time, the common perception was that overfishing had caused the crisis. >click to read< 13:02

The people causing the predation the Professor never brings up, are supporting the problem. Could 2020 finally bring an end to the commercial seal hunt in Canada?>click to read<

Family of Newfoundland fisherman Isaac Kettle fairly certain he has been found

It wasn’t how they wanted to find him, but Isaac Kettle’s family is comforted in knowing that at least his body can finally come home. “This is the best, worst news we could get…,” his wife Kerri Lynn Kettle said after hearing that a body found near Arnold’s Cove on the weekend is likely her husband’s. “But it was such a relief.” Kettle, 33, was one of four St. Lawrence fishermen lost at sea aboard the Sarah Anne, a 36-foot fishing vessel, after it set out from their hometown to go crab fishing on May 25.,,, Work is underway by police and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to identify the body, which was sent to St. John’s for examination.The RCMP contacted Kettle’s family, but no positive identification has yet been made. While they’re still waiting for confirmation, the family is certain Kettle has been found. >click to read< 11:01

UPDATED: 124 cases reported – Pacific Seafood Coronavirus outbreak due to out-of-state workers, say former employees

James Nelson, a 10-year veteran at Pacific Seafood, said he had to quit his job May 8, “due to the COVID-19 virus,” and said he was forced to resign after expressing concern over the company bringing in “100+ migrant workers” from California to process seafood in Newport. Nelson said he would not put his family’s safety in jeopardy because implanting workers from a more contaminated area was too dangerous. He brought his concerns to managerial staff and said some had their own concerns, but they told him the higher-ups made the decisions. >click to read< 09:39

124 coronavirus cases reported at Pacific Seafood facilities in Newport – Pacific Seafood on Sunday disclosed that 124 of its employees and local contractors have tested positive for coronavirus in what is the second largest workplace outbreak of the virus in the state to date. >click to read< 10:43

Unique lobster caught by Malpeque fisherman

Chris Wall, who fishes out of Malpeque, recently caught what he described as a unique lobster. “It almost had a second shape claw growing off one of the claws,” explained Wall, who added the catch was made in 60 feet of water or so. “I have handled a lot of lobsters myself and I have never caught a blue lobster, but I have caught a split lobster a few years ago, which was half red on one side and natural colour on the other side. “At the time I put it back, but I didn’t realize that type of lobster is one in 50 million where the blue lobster is one in two million.” >click to read< 08:48