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Prince Edward Island Lobster fishermen prepare for fall season after challenging spring

“I’m feeling good about the season,” said Peter Hustler, who has been fishing since he was 15. “Everybody has to make an income.” Demand for lobster plummeted as the pandemic forced restaurants to close earlier this year. The price dropped as low as $3.50 per pound. “It hurts, it hurts, and it hurt this spring, too, but I think everything is going to work out,” he said. “I’d like to see the price at $4.50 or $5 … and I believe it might happen.” >click to read< 19:09

Deadliest Catch Sig Hansen star buys in to Norwegian entrepreneur “ghost fishing” idea

Hansen has recently acquired ten per cent of the company, confirms Ceo Helge Trettø Olsen of Resqunit AS. Now it’s going to be invested in Canada. The crab fisherman, who was born and raised in Seattle to Norwegian parents, begins the conversation with E24 in kav karmøysk, but quickly jumps over to his preferred English with “I’m just fucking with you.” And the idea is quite simple: the yellow float is attached with a degradable boom mule wire over an escape hatch on the the tein.,,,  Now Resqunit is to launch a further developed model, replacing the cotton wire with an electrical device that can more precisely release the float to the surface. (hit translate option)  >click to read< 18:02

Friendship lobster boat races refuse to let coronavirus pandemic ‘sink us’

With the theme and rallying cry of “COVID-19 Didn’t Sink Us,” 52 vessels registered, including a handful of newcomers, for 31 speedy water battles during the annual Friendship Lobster Boat Race on Sunday, July 19. While a handful of the state’s lobster boat races were not held this summer due to the pandemic, Rockland, and later Friendship, went off without a hitch. Rockland hosted its races in June and Friendship in July. Elizabeth-Ann Bartlett said for the Friendship event some trailered boats to the site and others anchored offshore. “But all came ready to race,” she said. >click to read< 14:48

Coronavirus: How fishing trade transformed to survive lockdown

Some fishermen and women have said business has boomed since coronavirus forced them to transform their trade. The industry has been hit hard by the pandemic with fish prices plummeting in March when lockdown began. But some small-scale fishermen said their “savior” was starting to sell direct to households via social media. Some businesses also started using sheds and garages to process their catches after lockdown restrictions were introduced. Cornwall Rural Community Charity (CRCC) said it helped 25 businesses to secure grants to diversify. >click to read< 12:11

Baker Polito Administration Announces Coronavirus Disaster Relief Funding for Fishing and Seafood Industries

The Baker-Polito Administration has announced the distribution of $27.8 million in federal disaster relief funding to mitigate the financial impacts to the fishing and seafood industries from the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The Division of Marine Fisheries worked with fishing industry stakeholders to develop a plan to distribute the federal fisheries assistance, which has now been approved by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. >click to read< 11:12

Burying The Truth: No Sensible Environmentalist Supports Filthy (offshore) Wind & Solar

Even after 30 years and endless subsidies, no country is powering itself exclusively with the wind and solar; no country ever will. But that doesn’t stop our political betters berating us, should we ever beg the question about the purported logic of throwing endless $trillions at something that’s already proven to be an abject failure. One environmentalist who called it out, loud and early, was Michael Shellenberger. As a long-time advocate for reliable, affordable and safe nuclear energy, and critic of intermittent renewables – calling wind and solar worse than useless – Michael combines common sense, logic and reason, in an era when those attributes have become scarce commodities. >click to read< 09:40