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1 in 200 million! Young Massachusetts lobsterman catches a blue lobster! “I was shocked.”

Adam Carpenter couldn’t believe his eyes. As he opened the lobster trap, he could see one of the crustaceans was visibly different from the others. The 13-year-old kept rubbing his eyes to make sure it wasn’t a mistake. Yep, one of the lobsters was definitely blue. “I’d seen YouTube videos of blue lobsters before but never thought I would catch one,” said Adam, who just got his lobster license this summer. “I was shocked.” On Friday, Adam went out to check one of the pots he had missed on his last few trips. When he pulled this one up, he got the surprise of his life. >video, click to read<17:34

Working Waterfront: Fifth-generation fisherman counts on sixth generation to take his place

Greg Veitenhans was destined to be a fisherman. His father fished, as did his father, going back five generations. And growing up in Gig Harbor, Veitenhans was surrounded by fishermen. “Back then everybody fished,” “When I was a kid that’s what you did; either you fished or you were too young to fish or you were too old to fish.”,,, He’s also fished up and down the West Coast for salmon, halibut, sardines, and squid, among other fish. Alaska has always been the go-to, however. “You can go to Alaska broke and you know you’re gonna come back with something. But you go to California broke, you may never come back; you may not have enough to even get home on,” Henry, now 20, first accompanied his father to Alaska at age 8, and has done so every summer since. Joey, now 18, began fishing at 10.  At first, the Veitenhans boys were under the impression that they’d be going off for a fun family vacation with their dad, before realizing that it entailed hard work in the wet, cold Alaska weather. Excellent story!!  >click to read< 15:42

Fishing and football is a full life for Perry

Jimmy Perry is a hard working football coach and commercial fisherman, who was born in Naples. Always having a passion for time afloat, he has been fishing since the age of 5. He owns and operates Big Jimmy’s, a small business that provides customers from Immokalee to Okeechobee, and everywhere in between, with delicious, locally caught, fresh fish, shrimp and crabs. When asked about the perks of crabbing and commercial fishing, he said, “My favorite part of what I do is watching the sunrise every morning.” As for the hard parts,,, >click to read< 11:26

But, there is no sea in Kansas! Fresh Seafood In Landlocked Kansas? ‘I Can’t Grow It Fast Enough.’

When Bob Daniels started telling people he wanted to start a shrimp farm in the middle of Sumner County, the response was what you might expect. “‘You’re going to sell bait, huh?'” he said laughing while recalling one comment. “In fact, when we started looking to grow the shrimp and look for some financing … the local banker said, ‘Well, you’re never going to sell this.’ “Now, it turns out, I can’t grow it fast enough to sell what people were willing to buy.” >click to read< 10:22

Where is the Jenny? Exhibit tells story of famed Beaufort shrimp boat from ‘Forrest Gump’

Tom Boozer knows almost everything about the shrimp boat that was plucked from Beaufort waters more than 25 years ago and set on a course for Hollywood fame. Everything, that is, except where the vessel is now.  The 55-foot trawler Miss Sherri, then owned by Beaufort shrimper Jimmie Stanley, became the Jenny as christened by actor Tom Hanks’ character in the smash hit “Forrest Gump,” filmed in Beaufort.,, McIntyre and Boozer didn’t know what became of the trawler. The boat had been rumored to be sinking in the water where it was displayed and the men feared it had been removed and scrapped. But a Planet Hollywood spokeswoman said the Jenny still lives. >photos, links, click to read< 08:48