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Charlotte Goes To Sea

Martial Olivier admits it, and they both laugh, recalling when he saw her on the quay in Camaret, at the end of August. ‘When I saw her arrive, a featherweight in a rapper’s cap and her tank top, I said to myself, what are we going to do with this one?’ At 52, with 30 years of crabbing behind him, the skipper – and co-owner with Beganton – of crabber Bag Kevell, has seen plenty of crew. The last time female engineer was on his old crabber Intron Varia, she ended up being airlifted off after just a day at sea. So it’s understandable that he was concerned when Charlotte Sau arrived with her sea bag. But his fears turned out to be groundless, and his praise for the 22-year old engineer is almost enough to make her blush. photos, >click to read< 17:57

Report raises concerns over crabbing in Cromer – ‘Fishermen are seriously worried’

The Cromer Shoal Chalk Bed, located off the coast between Weybourne and Happisborough was designated a Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) in 2016. Since the MCZ was created, Natural England has been investigating the health of the chalk bed and effect of potting -the method of using pots to fishing for crabs and lobsters- on it. John Davies, head of the North Norfolk Fisherman’s society,, “Right from the beginning of the MCZ project, they have said potting does no damage to the chalk and how important it is and we were happy doing what we were doing. “[The advice] has come as a bit of a shock and there’s an awful lot of fishermen seriously worried about where we go from here.” >click to read< 16:13

Big white shrimp return to Lake Pontchartrain in big numbers

People who like big shrimp are rejoicing. That’s because some of the biggest white shrimp many have seen are now showing up in Lake Pontchartrain. Old-timers say it’s like the good all days. Shrimp like they’ve never seen before in Lake Pontchartrain instead of offshore, and they credit a number of factors. “These shrimp are primo the best we’ve seen around here since 2010,” said shrimper Paul Newton, >Video, click to read< 11:42

Ottawa appoints special mediator in N.S. Indigenous lobster fisheries dispute

In a statement released late Friday, the government said former Nova Scotia MLA and cabinet minister Allister Surette will “communicate with and rebuild trust” between both sides in the weeks-long dispute that has turned violent in recent days. Surette was appointed by Fisheries and Oceans Minister Bernadette Jordan and Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett, who have both voiced Ottawa’s support for the Mi’kmaq fishers and the 1999 Marshal decision that their fishery is based on. “A peaceful resolution is achievable, and (Surette’s appointment) will strengthen our fisheries and our communities,” she added. >click to read< 09:41 From: Fisheries and Oceans Canada –  Biograghy, Allister Surette, >click to read<

Man charged in fishing vessel slaying was accused of domestic abuse, immigration violation

It wasn’t clear what spurred the Sept. 23 attack. One crew member later told investigators he heard yelling, rounded a corner, was struck three times in the back of the head and fell. He looked up from the deck, he said, and saw a fellow crew member, Franklin “Freddy” Meave Vazquez Jr., 27, of Newport News, holding a knife in one hand and a hammer in the other. The boat’s chief mate, Javier Rangel Sosa, 54, of Newport News, lay on the deck nearby, blood rushing from his mouth. “He already cut the antenna or something off,” the captain relayed over the radio.,, A nearby German cruise ship, the Mein Schiff 6, got to the scallop boat first. >click to read< 09:02

Coronavirus: Maine Fishermen’s Forum board of directors has canceled the 2021 event

“There is no possible way that we can protect our forum participants in such a tight environment, due to COVID-19 and required safety restrictions,” Steve Train, a lobster fisherman on Casco Bay’s Long Island and president of the forum’s board of directors, wrote in an Oct. 21 letter to commercial fishermen and posted to the forum’s website. The letter added, “The board intends to continue serving the commercial fishing industry throughout 2021. We will be meeting soon to discuss options, and will share more details as they become available.” >click to read< >mainefishermensforum.org< 08:02