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Profit and turnover down as UK fishing fleet weathers a challenging year.

Our first economic performance estimates for 2020 show impact of pandemic on fishing industry. Fishing fleet performance in 2020 The total operating profit of the UK fishing fleet fell by almost a fifth in 2020 as the sector dealt with the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. The data we’re publishing today shows that: Operating profit fell by 19% from £264 million in 2019 to £214 million in 2020. Turnover, which had been above the £1 billion mark for the previous three years, fell to £843 million. This is a 17% reduction. These totals,,, photos, >click to read<22:26

Used. Fishermen say MPs who hyped Brexit fishing benefits have abandoned them

Conservative MPs who hyped the potential benefits of Brexit for the fishing industry have been accused of quietly abandoning any mention of the issue after promised gains failed to materialise. “Those Conservative MPs that were our most vociferous supporters were very quiet, about the implications of the TCA [trade and cooperation agreement]. That’s the world that we’re having to adjust to,” said Barrie Deas, chief executive of the NFFO in a briefing with journalists on Wednesday. “The European Research Group, for example quite often referred to fishing as a poster child [for Brexit] but I don’t think any of them came out and said this is a bad deal for fishing. Their eye was on the main prize, which of course was the trade agreement.” >click to read< 15:30

The Battle for the Ocean Floor

Mining rare minerals and metals from beneath the ocean could avoid the environmental damage of on-shore mining, and fuel our sustainable transition. In the most common version of deep-sea mining, huge excavation robots scour the seabed for polymetallic nodules, small potato-sized clusters of key minerals such as cobalt and nickel. Resources like these are in high demand for building technologies like new batteries, which will be crucial to electrifying our society. These mining activities, however, might damage deep-sea ecosystems we know very little about. Which is why NGOs such as Greenpeace and even some companies, like BMW, are calling for a moratorium on deep-sea mining. >click to read<16:14

Illegal trawling trial concludes after 10-month hiatus

Fishing company Amaltal has maintained its position that a vessel found trawling in an unauthorised area was the fault of the skipper and not the company. Amaltal, the deepwater division of Talley’s Group, and skipper Charles Shuttleworth​ are on trial in the Nelson District Court for allegedly trawling in an area closed to fishing in the Lord Howe Rise in the Tasman Sea – from an incident in May 2018.,, The Amaltal F/V Apollo left Nelson in May 2018, on a trip to fish for orange roughy and alfonsino. During the trip, there was confusion over the area the vessel was fishing in. >click to read< 14:44

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 40′ Young Brothers Lobster Boat, 650HP Mack E-7 Diesel

To review specifications, information, and 17 photos, >click here< , To see all the boats in this series >click here< 12:38

Huge Displacement: The United Kingdom is ‘sacrificing’ it’s fishing sector for offshore wind farms

The government has been accused of sacrificing the fishing industry for a second time since Brexit in order to burnish its green credentials with offshore wind farm’s.,, Boris Johnson, last year said the UK had an opportunity to become “the Saudi Arabia of wind”, as part of a goal to become carbon neutral by 2030. But in an echo of Brexit political divides, fishing officials said on Wednesday the government had failed to carry out impact assessments or recognise the huge “displacement” that wind turbines at sea were causing the fishing industry. “What we seem to have is a government that is in thrall to the conservation lobby, and you can see why – there are green votes that are there,” >click to read< 11:26

Higher shrimp prices causing problems for packers and retailers

The inflated price of shrimp in Southeast Texas has had a varying economic impact for both consumers and industry professionals. While restaurants were closed during the pandemic, consumers flocked to grocery stores and markets. Great news for packers, fishermen and seafood market owners, but not so good for consumers who saw prices increase. video, >click to watch< 10:45

110 ignorant elected “officials” back New Jersey offshore wind farm. Who says its clean?!!

The New Jersey chapter of Elected Officials to Protect America, which announced 110 elected officials from across New Jersey have signed a letter of support for the responsible development of offshore wind, held a virtual news conference Tuesday to highlight the benefits of developing this clean energy source. The group Save Our Shoreline has recently raised concerns about the impact of the planned wind farm on electric rates, marine life and tourism.  >click to read< Its not clean, its NOT responsible. Vote them out, forever!  09:38

Endeavor to join DMR’s patrol fleet

Endeavor made its first trip on Tuesday, July 13 on its way to becoming the newest addition to the fleet of the Department of Marine Resources in Boothbay Harbor. Near completion by Farrin’s Boat Shop in Walpole, the patrol boat was carried to its launch site at Gamage Shipyard in South Bristol. “We are waiting for a replacement computer for the engine,” said Bruce Farrin Jr. >click to read< 08:52

Fisherman Lance Eric Norby bought a boat sight unseen and named it PNEUMA. “can’t” was not in his vocabulary

Lance Eric Norby entered God’s kingdom on July 1st, 2021, doing what he loved most, in hopes that soon he would be living his dream of giving up his mandatory 6-7 day workweek and begin enjoying the adventurous lifestyle Alaska had to offer. He had an eidetic memory and knew every job at the General Motors Assembly plant where he worked. About four years ago, Lance was introduced to the world of commercial fishing by his good friend, David Schwantes. After a couple Summers of working with and for David on his boats, last year he bought a 32′ aluminum commercial fishing boat, sight unseen, during Covid, naming it PNEUMA. >click to read< 07:55