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Queensland’s scallop industry in doubt

Fisheries Queensland says recent figures show scallop numbers are in serious decline with the biomass, or the amount that can be fished, dropping to 12 per cent of 1977 levels. But Queensland Seafood Industry Association treasurer and scallop fisherman Kevin Reibel said completely closing the fishery would be devastating to south-east Queensland communities. >click to read< 22:00

Southeast commercial salmon season off to slow start

Commercial net fishing for salmon in Southeast is off to a poor start in much of the region. Returns for most species are not meeting forecasts, which weren’t very high in the first place. With some exceptions, it hasn’t been a very encouraging start to the salmon season. “I guess for both net fisheries, gillnet and seine, we’re looking at poor chum salmon catches and poor sockeye catches and yet to be determined for pink salmon,” said Troy Thynes, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s management coordinator for commercial fisheries in the region. >click to read< 18:21

Our Lobsterman Toby Burnham Catches A Rare Blue Lobster! Of course, The world is going crazy!

He came in to Capt. Joe’s & Sons Inc to take pictures and is releasing it back to the ocean. The lobster is quite an eye catcher, but, Toby Burnham’s mustache? Wow! THAT is absolutely stunning! Photos, and links to other emerging press, located along the  sidebar on the page, like CBS News National Morning Show Carries the Blue Lobster Story >click to read< 16:08

A Fisherman clung onto mooring ball in Hampton Harbor for an hour and a half this morning

A fisherman who ended up in the ocean water at Hampton Harbor while transitioning from his skiff to his vessel was clinging to a mooring ball during an outgoing tide when he was rescued by firefighters early Monday morning. Hampton Fire Chief Michael McMahon said the man was a crew member on a fishing boat and his skiff got away from him. Emergency rescue crews were called to the scene at 1:38 a.m.  >click to read< 14:08

How Might Fish Farms Be Affecting the Lobster? Let us count the ways.

“There is a tremendous amount of waste generated by fish farms,” Milewski says. “I don’t think people have a sense of the scale.” A fairly typical farm of about 600,000 fish will generate around 40 tonnes of waste every month during its 22-month production cycle. “It’s understandable how that waste can change lobsters’ behavior, distribution, and abundance,” she adds. But the review also identified serious gaps in our understanding of the interactions between aquaculture operations and lobsters. While some aspects, such as the use of chemical pesticides, have been well studied, information on others, including waste discharges, disease, and noise, are limited or entirely lacking. >click to read< 11:02

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report: July 18, 2021

We’re on the edge of a record year – 61.3 million salmon have returned to Bristol Bay waters. The previous record was set in 2018 with a whopping 62.9 million salmon. Will 2021 be the year we break records once more? Messages to the Fleet – To: Capt. Brent Cathey on the F/V Independence. Hey Fluffy Buns. Please tell Matt Hakela that I still can’t find the pumpkin spice beard oil he wanted, so I’m sending some of your extra Rosewater Mustache Wax. Such a good thing you order it by the case! Finished up the bedazzling on all your work clothes. I’m cleaning closets next. Do you mind if I donate your Barbra Streisand and Spice Girls CDs? I need to make room for my Waylon and Cash collection. Miss you like crazy! From Montana Chick, audio,  >click to listen or read< 10:12

Investigation continues into fishing boat struck by WWII explosives off Skegness coast

The boat, Galwad-Y-Mor, was damaged and abandoned when an explosion occurred just 37 miles off the coast of Skegness, on December 15 last year, according to a report by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch. A crew of seven were operating in potting fishing grounds east of the Wash, off Lincolnshire’s coastline, after departing from Grimsby. At around 11:20am, some of the crew were hauling in a string of crab pots, whilst the skipper was in the wheelhouse with the rest of the crew members belowdecks working the pots. The vessel was thrown up from the sea surface and quickly landed back down. All electrical power was immediately lost. The crew members were all hurt. Some endured life-changing injuries. >click to read< 09:04

Sold Out! Biden, Mitchell, and the Dems Jeopardize the New Bedford/New England Fishing Industry

The New Bedford fishing industry, which has kept New Bedford out of the poor house for years, opposes the windmills. Environmentalists say the windmills will mess with the migration patterns of whales and other inhabitants of the deep. They oppose wind farms, too. Vineyard Wind was stopped in its tracks by the Trump White House, but Biden fast-tracked it earlier this year along with a windmill farm in the New York Bight, a rich fishing ground frequented by the New Bedford fleet. The Mayflower Wind project could win federal approval soon as well. Remember, the Obama-Biden Administration banned fishing in an area just off the New England coast. Trump overturned that foolishness. Wonder where the news media is on all of this? >click to read< ,, Are journalists failing today’s public? – Most reporters appear to be amateurs with no formal training in the field. >click to read< 07:51