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Video: Fishing Boat Hits Rocks In Manasquan Inlet And Sinks

Around 10:40 p.m. last night, a fishing vessel reported that they were taking on water to the USCG Manasquan Inlet station. Initial reports said they had struck inlet rocks and had a hole in the vessel. Witnesses at the Manasquan Inlet (Point Pleasant Side) said that they saw a boat attempt to leave the inlet but struck the rocks and heard a bang then saw the craft turn around at a decent speed and go back into the inlet. >click to read<, and >click here< 19:27

Charter Boat Operator Arrested for Violating Captain of the Port Order and Endangering Passengers

Terrance Dale Roy was arrested by Coast Guard Investigative Service special agents on July 21 and stands accused of violating a Coast Guard Captain of the Port Order issued pursuant to the Ports and Waterways Safety Act, as well as failing to properly report a hazardous condition and operating his boat in a grossly negligent manner. The Coast Guard issued Roy a Captain of the Port Order back in May after his vessel, the Fishing Lady, sank at a pier in Kent Narrows, Maryland. The order prohibited the vessel from operating commercially until the vessel’s seaworthiness was determined by Coast Guard. Without making the repairs necessary to have the order removed, Roy took on 34 paying passengers out over Father’s Day weekend. >click to read< , >more here<16:43

Flawed rescue? – Franklin D. Roosevelt asked for plans for a low dam. Joe Biden wants windmills

“The federal role in damming the Columbia tied in well with the New Deal belief that the government should stimulate economic recovery by putting people to work and encouraging the creation of public utilities,” records a National Park Service history of the river’s Grand Coulee dam. “Franklin D. Roosevelt, elected president of the United States in 1932, asked for plans for a low dam with foundations strong enough to support a higher dam  later, one that would back water up to the Canadian border.” (President Joe Biden’s efforts to grow offshore wind) No thought was given to the river’s salmon. “Of all the impacts that caused extinctions of Columbia River Basin salmon and steelhead, dams were the most significant. “The dam wiped out runs that spawned in tributaries that drained into the Columbia from that point, river mile 596, to the headwaters, a distance of 645 river miles. Adding the tributary miles where salmon spawned nearly doubled the distance.  >click to read< 14:36

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 49’11″X19′ Novi Lobster/Gillnetter, Cat 3306, Substantial Price Reduction

To review specifications, information, and 26 photos, >click here< , To see all the boats in this series >click here< 11:50

Biden Harris Admin scheme to buy off/ buy out, displace the fishing industry for offshore wind farms!

The Biden administration is considering ways to ensure the U.S. commercial fishing industry is paid for any losses it incurs from the planned expansion of offshore wind power in the Atlantic Ocean, according to state and federal officials involved in the matter. Discussions between state and federal officials, which participants described as being at a very early stage, are aimed at addressing the top threat to President Joe Biden’s efforts to grow offshore wind, a centerpiece of his clean energy agenda to fight climate change. Commercial fishing fleets have vehemently opposed offshore wind projects,,, >click to read< 09:55

Alaska Supreme Court upholds $20,000 fine for Metlakatla fisherman in fishing rights case

The Alaska Supreme Court has upheld the conviction of a Metlakatla fisherman who was fined for fishing without the proper permits. The case is part of a long-running dispute over tribal sovereignty. In 2014, U.S. Coast Guard officers reported a Metlakatla tribal member fishing in a closed area without a state commercial fishing permit. When they boarded the boat they found a few dozen coho salmon, which the skipper reportedly said he intended to sell. Metlakatla resident John Scudero Jr. was cited for three commercial fishing violations and fined $20,000 after a one-day trial the following year. >click to read< 08:27

Dunmore East fishermen tell Minister: “All the problems go away if you get more quota.”

The Marine Minister visited the picturesque Dunmore East harbour on one of the hottest days of the year, he faced some searing questions about the future of the fishing fleet, including from a young fisherman who asked him to fight for more quota. “Every year it’s getting harder,” another fisherman said. A fifth generation Dunmore East fisherman told the Minister: “All the problems go away if you get more quota.” Around 20 fishermen gathered at the famous Co Waterford harbour to air their grievances with the minister,,, >click to read< 07:38