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Safety Bulletin 17: Safety concern over lifting operations on fishing vessels

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency are issuing this safety bulletin to remind owners, employers, skippers and crew of UK fishing vessels of their responsibilities regarding health and safety following a number near misses, accidents, and a fatality – during lifting operations. Although applicable to all fishing vessels it is scallop dredgers that are of immediate concern. >click to read< -22:27

Parish to parish: The latest on what we know a week after Hurricane Ida

It’s been one week since Hurricane Ida made landfall off the coast of Southeast Louisiana. The past week, residents have been waiting for flood waters to recede, power to return, and the green light to return home from evacuation. Keeping up with the latest resources and updates in your parish may be difficult. Here’s what we know is happening in your parish. >click to read<, with lots of information 19:32

“We felt safer on the boat” – Families on Bayou Grand Caillou left homeless after Hurricane Ida

Ida’s intense winds pushed the home mother-to-be Mauldin shared with her boyfriend and his family from its 4-foot concrete pillars onto the ground. The foundation broken and metal roof peeled away, the house appeared to be a complete loss. “Hopefully we can rebuild and start all over,” Verdin said. “I’ve been here forever. This is the first storm for us as homeowners that was this bad.” The family of six rode out the storm in a shrimp boat. Verdin’s husband, Manson Falgout Sr., has been a commercial shrimper for 30 years and captain of the F/V My Dad Whitney for at least a decade. “We felt safer on the boat,” Verdin said. “It’s all iron, and if the water rises, it floats. Thankfully we didn’t stay home. We lost our home.” Photo’s,  >click to read< 11:14

Brexit Tie-up Scheme for Fishing Fleet is Announced – Trawler owners to be paid not to fish

Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Charlie McConalogue has announced the launch of a Brexit Temporary Fishing Fleet Tie-up Scheme. The scheme will help mitigate the impacts of quota cuts on the fishing fleet arising from the Trade and Cooperation Agreement agreed in December between the European Union and the UK. >click to read<  Trawler owners are to be paid up to €88,700 to not fish – He said that under the deal, these boats would tie-up at the quayside and cease all fishing activity for that month. In return, the vessel owner would receive a payment compensating for the lost fishing income. The vessel owners will in turn be required to distribute one-third of that payment to crew. >click to read< 09:52

Decaying Anna anchors a boatload of visions in Cape Vincent

“It was quite an adventure,” he said, recalling the trip Anna took to Cape Vincent. “The hull was always leaky. There were constant bilge pumps going and checking on the boat. It got here. It was a hell of a trip for an old girl like that. In many ways, I’m surprised it wasn’t more of an arduous or unsuccessful trip. But there she is.” He’s witnessed the growth of her legend and has seen visitors stop by for photos with her. “To be honest with you, I’m shocked at how this whole thing has gotten so popular and so many people are talking about it and are interested,” he said. photos,  >click to read< 08:45