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“Oiled: A Fisherman’s Journey” – A deeply personal memoir

Derrell Short, a retired commercial fisherman and handyman, has completed his new book “Oiled: A Fisherman’s Journey”: an exclusive account of the author’s time as a commercial fisherman while raising a family on remote Kodiak Island. It recounts his struggles and experiences while also imparting his unique wisdom that only years of being up against the harsh, yet beautiful landscape of Alaska can provide. As Short states, “In this memoir, various experiences and details are described, including a summary of some of [my] life before and after Alaska, and the trauma and tasks from aiding in cleaning up Exxon’s massive and incompetent oil spill of 1989.” >click to read< 19:35

Hurricane Ida: Department of Commerce Needs to Declare a Fisheries Disaster Immediately

U.S. Congressman Garret Graves is calling for the U.S. Department of Commerce to immediately declare a “Fishery Disaster Determination” due to both the biological resources and fishery infrastructure sustaining major damage related to Hurricane Ida. Commerce is able to declare the disaster provided by the provisions within the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act and Interjurisdictional Fisheries Act. The declared disaster would provide targeted relief to one of the most impacted sectors of Louisiana’s economy. The funds would help both commercial and recreational fishers begin to recover. >click to read< 18:31

Commercial fisherman rides out Hurricane Ida in his boat before 140 mph winds flipped it

Kimothy Guy, 57, is one the few people who did not evacuate from the coastal shrimping, crabbing and fishing community ahead of Ida’s arrival Aug. 29. He and three others in the immediate vicinity rode out the storm on their fishing boats in an attempt to save their livelihoods. Instead, the commercial fishers barely lived to tell the tale, as their boats snapped free from the ropes tying them to the shore and flipped over during the Category 4 hurricane. “We had four of us, me and three others, that had stayed to try to save our boats, but we didn’t save none of them,” Guy said, noting that if he knew then what he does now, he would have evacuated. “Now I know we don’t have nothing to stay for. We don’t have no more house. We don’t have no more boat.” “I ain’t got no choice. I have to stay,” Guy said. “That’s all I ever did all my life, commercial fish. That’s what I do for a living. I’m a water person. I need the water to survive.” photos, >click to read< 17:13

Tributes to Scots fisherman who died after tragic accident at sea

Heartfelt tributes have been paid to a ‘hugely respected and well liked’ Scots fisherman after his death in a tragic accident at sea. John Wilson died after going overboard while out hunting white fish and prawns off the east coast on Saturday, August 27. Aberdeen Coastguard were alterted and a huge search until the 64-year-old was found by a fellow fisherman. He was taken by helicopter to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary where he tragically died. John was well known in his community having started his life at sea aged just 15, and was heavily involved with the St Abbs Lifeboat based near Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders for more than 40 years. “Fair winds and following seas John.”  >click to read< 13:43

Fishing boat Captain is grateful for the quick response of his fellow fishermen

Élie Dugas, captain of the fishing boat that sank off Miscou on Monday morning, said he’s grateful for the help from fellow fishermen. Within minutes of his distress call at about 6:30 a.m., about eight boats were in sight, ready to help rescue the crew,,, He said he bought the Maximilien two years ago. “It’s a hard blow,” said Dugas, who is based in Miscou and has been fishing for 46 years. Rescuers first tried to pump out the water and then tow the herring boat, but it was soon determined to be too dangerous. “We couldn’t save the boat,” said Fisherman Steven Hughes,, The four crew members of the Maximilien were taken safely to shore.  >click to read< 12:16

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 64′ Steel Scallop/Dragger, 350HP Cummins

To review specifications, information, and 12 photo’s >click here< , To see all the boats in this series >click here<  11:14

Thirteen year old Fisherman home after seven weeks of tuna fishing with his dad

After much pleading, Liam Deasy’s mother, Monica said she and his father, Niall, agreed to allow him to travel from Killybegs to Union Hall on board the F/V Ocean Pioneer. ‘We thought he’d be happy with that but he talked us ‘round,’ said Monica. Liam joined his dad, his cousins, and a reliable crew, when they went tuna fishing on June 28th. ‘He was only meant to go for two weeks. I was supposed to collect him when they made their first landing, but he enjoyed it so much he didn’t want to come home,’ said Monica. Liam’s grandfather and father are all fishermen, which would account for his abiding interest in all things maritime-related. >click to read< 09:59

About that “seat at the table”,,, New England Aqua Ventus Monhegan project a concern for fishermen

Boothbay region fishermen and community members are expressing concern over the New England Aqua Ventus project, a floating offshore wind turbine to be built two miles south of Monhegan. NEAV is a partnership between Maine Prime Technologies – a business arm of the University of Maine – and wind industry giants Diamond Offshore Wind, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi, and RWE Renewables.,,, “Now I sit on this panel and I’m being asked ‘How can we do this better’ even though I’m being told it’s still going to happen … Boothbay lobsterman Eben Wilson, “People have been telling me it’s such a great opportunity to have a seat at the table, and I’m like, a seat at the table? For what? To tell them how to cut my throat better? Or how to cut it slower?” >click to read< 09:02

Southern Louisiana bayou fishing community left tattered by Hurricane Ida

Chad Portier of Faith Family Shrimp, a fishing operation in Chauvin, La., stands inside his 80-foot-trawler, the F/V Jenson Joseph, where he and seven family members and neighbors rode out Hurricane Ida. The wind damage of Hurricane Ida has left small fishing vessels scattered and destroyed along Bayou Little Caillou in Chauvin, La. With the scattered debris, sunken ships and damaged lock systems along the coast in southern Louisiana, locals fear it could be months before the fishing industry can make a full comeback. 11 photos, >click to read< 07:29