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Shipping container traffic making waves on St. Lawrence/Great Lakes system

On Monday, the container ship Peyton Lynn C, which loaded in Antwerp, Belgium, passed through the locks in Massena and Iroquois, Ontario, on her way upriver on the St. Lawrence heading for the Great Lakes. In her wake, her owners believe, may be a new era in regards to a shipping method for the international waterway. Industry experts say that about 90% of non-bulk cargo worldwide is transported by container ships, with large coastal ports along the Atlantic and Pacific oceans the hubs of that activity. But the container vessel business model has begun to create ripples in the St. Lawrence and Great Lakes. photos,  >click to read< 18:19

Fishing Vessel Orion is the latest new trawler from Macduff Shipyards

The steel-hulled Orion has an aluminium wheelhouse and mast, and is laid out on largely conventional lines with the cabins, engine room, fishroom and fresh water tank below deck level, the forward winch room, galley/mess, catch handling area and after shelter above deck. The yard also delivered the complete hydraulic package for Orion, including a triple-barrel winch powered by dual motors located forward and two split net drums aft, plus two bagging winches, two small gear handling winches, a cod end winch and a dedicated anchor windlass. The MFB8 landing crane and MBK13 powerblock crane, both featuring a slew ring base, are supplied by Thistle Marine. Orion is fishing with trawl gear supplied by Faithlie Trawl (International) Ltd, Seaforth Trawls Ltd and Caley Fisheries, with the trawl gear spread using a 72-inch pair of Thyborøn Type 11 trawl doors. photos, >click to read< 17:06

Peconic Bay Scallop: After disappointing seasons in 2019, ’20, the outlook remains bleak

Last week, Steve Tettelbach, head of Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Peconic Bay Scallop Restoration Program, finished up a series of dives at the seven sites from Flanders to Montauk,,, “At six of our seven sites, the average density declined by 64% to 99% between May and late August, and the highest die-off occurred at the three sites with the highest initial densities in spring 2021,” Mr. Tettelbach said. Only the site in Napeague Harbor saw an increase in bay scallop numbers over the course of the summer. Bay scallops in New York waters are supposed to live about 18 months. Why have bay scallops in the Peconic Bay system died months prematurely en masse for three years in a row? >click to read< 16:04

Opposition Forms from N.C. to N.E. to Great Lakes over ocean industrial development all-in consumer cost

A loose coalition of offshore wind opponents is forming from North Carolina to New England to the Great Lakes to question or challenge the expanding list of proposed projects. The Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy has affiliated with the coalition, with our concerns over Dominion Energy Virginia’s proposed 5,280 megawatt project basically being economic. Massive worldwide economic forces are behind this push, most of them positioning the company to earn substantial profits from energy ratepayers. The Virginia State Corporation Commission, basically under orders from the General Assembly to approve the offshore wind proposed by Dominion, has estimated the all-in consumer cost of the Dominion project at more than $37 billion. It accounts for about a third of the $807 annual increase in residential electric bills the SCC has projected by 2030, with the power provided dependent on unreliable wind. >click to read< 11:55

9/11 Boat Evacuation: Greater Than Dunkirk

Romans 8:28 says “all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Twenty years after the 9/11 terror attacks that murdered nearly three thousand people we are beginning to see ‘the good’ that God brought on that day. That someone like Christina Stanton, a regular New Yorker who ran for her life after the second plane came within 500 feet of her apartment balcony… would find a deeper, more real faith in Jesus Christ. That Peter Johansen, the director of Ferry Operations, would become God’s agents in helping to rescue a half million people through a massive boat evacuation and how the two people who were strangers before 9/11, became friends. It was New York’s version of Dunkirk, the mass evacuation of people stranded in what became a war zone on 9-11. audio report,  >click to read< 08:21