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In Jones Act dispute, judge allows backed-up Alaska seafood to move to Eastern U.S.

Companies that haul fish from Alaska to the eastern U.S. can resume shipping what they say is an estimated 26 million pounds of frozen fish that has been stranded in Canada in a battle over a federal maritime shipping law known as the Jones Act, a federal judge ruled on Sunday. The decision is a temporary victory for Kloosterboer International Forwarding and Alaska Reefer Management. The companies last month sued U.S. Customs and Border Protection, asserting that the agency has wrongfully issued more than than $350 million in penalty notices to Kloosterboer and other companies in the transport chain. >click to read< 16:39

DFO rules forcing fishing industry into unstable boats

The ability to safely navigate in rough seas is not only dependent on experience. Boat design and stability are also crucial factors. And vessel stability expert Dag Friis says the current trend in Atlantic Canada to build wider fishing boats, to create more deck space and to comply with the maximum vessel length criteria set by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), is putting those boats, and their crews, at risk. photos, >click to read< 15:02

Student Lobstermen Complete Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor Training

Student lobstermen from Bremen, Bristol and South Bristol attended the U.S. Coast Guard approved Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor Training and Certification course provided through a cooperative effort between Maine Maritime Academy and McMillan Offshore Survival Training.,, Before a student lobsterman can purchase a license, they are required to successfully complete this course and complete a fishing log that includes in a minimum of 24 months, 200 fishing days and 1,000 hours. Maine Marine Patrol reviews the students’ fishing logs at the completion of every 250 hours. Photo’s, >click to read< 12:54 Congratulation’s, Gentlemen!

Watching Wind And Solar Fail To Power The World Economy

You don’t have to be any kind of a genius to figure out that wind and solar generation are never going to supplant fossil fuels in powering the world economy. Thankfully the U.S., home of fracking, has mostly been spared the huge natural gas price spikes that have befallen Europe and Asia. If the dopes occupying the White House and leading the Congress had their way, we would be suffering the fate of those places and worse. And oil? It’s suddenly trading at $80 and more per barrel, the highest price since 2014. >click to read< 11:28  U.K. Turns to Coal as Low Wind Output Increases Power Prices – U.K. power prices rose after a coal power plant switched on Monday to make up for a shortfall in wind generation and limited flows on two power cables to Ireland. >click to read< 14:32

Electronic Monitoring: Who Gets to Use Our Oceans?

Much of the current effort to create coordinated planning for use of our oceans started in 2010, when President Obama issued an executive order that called for the development of “coastal and marine spatial plans.” The idea is to figure out where to put things like aquaculture and wind farms without harming other things such as fisheries. In early August, the ASMFC announced that it’s considering a plan to require electronic tracking devices on federally permitted vessels that operate in American lobster and Jonah crab fisheries. Most of the lobster fishermen to be impacted are in Maine, and while they’ve expected the tracking plan to go into motion for some time now, Porter says, “there will be some seriously pissed-off lobstermen when this actually hits the ground.” >click to read< 09:21

New Jersey: Grounded Fishing Boat Still on the Beach

The fishing vessel F/V Bear, a 68-foot boat built in 1984, according to a federal registration database, remained in the surf zone and led to the closure of an area of the park to vehicles and anglers Sunday. State officials closed Area 23 of the park due to concerns over high tides and strong winds Sunday into Monday. “If the boat shifts position, it may create safety and access issues if the boat turns perpendicular to shore,” an announcement said. Video, >click to read< 08:03