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NLGIDC Applauds the appointment of new Ministers to the Federal Cabinet

The Newfoundland and Labrador Groundfish Industry Development Council congratulates the Honourable Joyce Murray who was recently appointed as Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard. “The NLGIDC are looking forward to meeting with Minister Murray in the near future to discuss many issues of concern to the Newfoundland and Labrador Fishing Industry”, said James Baird, the chair of the NLGIDC. >click to read< 14:43

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 49′ Novi Scalloper with Permits

To review specifications, information, with 12 photos, >click here< , To see all the boats in this series >click here<  12:17

Amid Hamptons Mansions, East End Fishermen Beat On Against The Tide

On Gosman’s dock in Montauk, seagulls hovering above, I was greeted by the smells of gasoline and fish as I walked on the worn, white-speckled planks. The water looked invitingly blue, and a group of fishermen were readying their vessel for a day’s work. One of the fishermen and I exchanged nods. A cigarette hung from his lips and he wore heavy work gloves, thick orange waders with suspenders and a greasy baseball cap. The romanticized life of Montauk fisherman seeped into my head,,, >click to read< 10:48

OC residents worry offshore wind farm will destroy coastline without easing climate change

“When I first heard about it, in my imagination, it was just going to be one or two, similar to what they have off Block Island [in Rhode Island],” Hornick said. “And I thought, well, if it’s good for the earth and it’s going to be good for the environment, then we should think about doing it. And then I started to research it, and I found out that it’s not what it’s promised. And the magnitude of the project is such that I believe it will devastate our coastline.” The Biden administration has opened up the East Coast to massive commercial offshore wind farms, stretching from Massachusetts down to North Carolina,,, >click to read< 09:29

Local man takes pride in delivering fresh seafood to our people

Blake Baudoin operates Baudouin Seafood with his wife Beth. Together, the family offers crabs, crawfish and shrimp seasonally to both wholesale distributors and also to members of the community. The work isn’t easy. But Blake Baudoin said it’s a passion, and that there’s no better feeling than delivering a fruitful catch to a satisfied customer. He said he believes he’s a good trapper because of the passion he has for doing the best for his customers. “I’d say I’m good at my work because I’m dedicated, a very hard worker and I never give up,” Baudoin said. “But most of all, I love what I do.” >click to read< 08:47

The Story Behind ‘The Perfect Storm‘

When the 70-foot longliner Andrea Gail was lost off Canada’s Grand Banks on October 29, 1991, Sebastian Junger was living in Gloucester, Massachusetts, the boat’s home port, working as a tree climber to support his freelance writing career. The F/V Andrea Gail was on day 40 of an extended commercial swordfishing trip when three powerful storms converged on the Northeast. Data buoys measured waves as high as 100 feet, and the boat was hit with winds measuring 80 knots (almost 150 miles per hour). The night before the storm, on October 28, Andrea Gail’s captain, Billy Tyne, radioed to area fishermen, “She’s coming on, boys, and she’s coming on strong.” >click to read< 07:20