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The U.S. is hungry for seafood, but more industrial aquaculture is not the answer

An often cited statistic to prove the need for industrial aquaculture is that as a country, we import as much as 90% of the seafood we consume. A lesser-known fact is that U.S. seafood exports have grown to record levels over the past decade. Rather than allowing destructive fish farming practices that can pollute our environment and displace commercial fishing in our markets, we should support our domestic fishing communities, so they can sell more of the higher-quality wild-caught seafood we produce here at home. Right now, megacorporation’s are pushing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies to gut existing regulations and fast-track permit approvals to build new floating factory fish farms and control even more of the seafood market. >click to read< 14:11

A grievous assault on the lobster resource

In recent years, the federal government in the form of the National Marine Fisheries Service has been expanding restrictions on fin fishermen throughout the U.S.,, The federal government allows each (lobster) fishermen a maximum of 800 traps when fishing in federal waters,,, I take no pleasure in writing this, but as a former New England Fishery Management council member, I feel bound to report a grievous assault on the lobster resource even though the council does not manage lobsters. The goal of writing the article is for the public to apply political pressure to force a solution. I realize that by submitting this request/complaint that I am opening myself up to possible retaliation on the water. I ask both the reader and bureaucracy to keep that in mind. >click to read<  By David Goethel 10:30

‘Pissed off!’ – Jersey fisherman warns of rising tide of anger at ‘disrespectful’ French

A Jersey fisherman has said he and colleagues are becoming increasingly “p***ed off” at the behaviour of French counterparts, while warning he “won’t back down no matter what”. Third-generation fisherman Jack Bailey has accused them of having “no respect” and of cutting shellfish pot lines amid anger over Brexit. Mr Bailey, who catches lobster and crab aboard his 20ft boat, said piles of red tape have put the island’s fleet at a disadvantage. However he refuses to give up the trade he has worked in for 20 years, saying: “I won’t back down no matter what the French do.” >click to read< 09:24

Crab boat disaster survivor dies in Alaska motorcycle accident

One of the two men who survived the deadly sinking of a crab boat in the Gulf of Alaska in 2019 has died in a motorcycle accident in Alaska, local media reported. Anchorage police on Sunday said they responded to the scene of a motorcycle accident in which it appeared the driver had lost control in a roundabout. They later identified the driver as 36-year-old Jon Lawler. >click to read< and >click here<  08:10

4 fishermen adrift in life raft rescued by Coast Guard off Block Island Monday

Smoke could be seen on the horizon for hours on Monday as the commercial fishing vessel F/V Mattie and Maren burned two to three miles off the shore of Block Island. A call to the Coast Guard was made at about 11:45 a.m., just as the Block Island Ferry was about to complete its 11 a.m. run to Block Island. The ferry diverted to the scene and although it offered assistance, the four people who had been on the fishing boat preferred to remain on their life raft until the Coast Guard arrived and rescued them. >click to read< 07:12