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UK inquest finds submarine did not cause 2004 sinking of French trawler

The judge Nigel Lickley QC, who has overseen an inquest on the tragedy, ruled that the French trawler F/V Bugaled Breizh sank after its fishing gear snagged on the seabed, causing it to heel – tip to one side – and take in water. Relatives of the men lost in the tragedy have long believed the boat sank after a submarine became tangled in its fishing gear, and they saw the inquest in London as a last chance to get to what they believe is the truth. The judge said he believed that the sinking, on 15 January 2004, was a fishing accident. >click to read< 22:15

“Focus on our Fishermen” – JEDCO, Town of Jean Lafitte to Host Seafood Industry Event

Hurricane Ida and COVID-19 have had a devastating impact on our seafood communities,,, Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission (JEDCO), in partnership with the Town of Jean Lafitte, announced plans to host “Focus on our Fishermen,” an evening event to provide fishermen and fisheries-related businesses with access to tools and resources that can guide recovery and beyond. Local partners will be available to provide information on recovery assistance, small business financing programs, and more to help our fishing industry come back stronger and more resilient than ever. for more information, >click to read< 18:48

Judge rejects efforts by feds, enviro’s to impose immediate restrictions on lobstering

Last month, Justice Lance Walker sided with the Maine Lobstering Union and granted a temporary injunction to stop a new federal closure of a roughly 960-square mile area off the Maine coast. The federal agencies appealed that decision and asked for an emergency “stay” of the order, contending the closure is essential now to protect endangered right whales. On Friday, Justice Walker denied that request, meaning the area remains open to fishing. >click to read< 16:10

Biden’s Offshore Wind Farm Target Will Increase Costs, Reduce Reliability

Congress passed the first temporary production tax credit for wind in 1992 and extended it 13 times since then. The Democrat’s reconciliation package contains about $235 billion in incentives for wind and solar,,, The reconciliation package Build Back Better would make the PTC and investment tax credit direct payments, instead of a tax credit against any taxes owed. That is, renewable energy developers would receive a check from the government for the subsidy. Further, solar, which has long qualified for an investment tax credit but not the production tax credit available to wind, would now qualify for both. The legislation would also restore the PTC and ITC to their original values as follows: >click to read< 14:41

New Leadership at the Helm

Gloucester, Massachusetts, one of the oldest seaports in America has a new Mayor. Mayor Greg Verga was elected to take the helm of the City, and is aware of our problems and wants to help. He is reaching out to those in the seafood industry and will see what we can do as a team, I supported him and am confident he will help. He is the son of Antony Verga, who was our Fisheries Commissioner, and Massachusetts state representative that did a lot to help our fisherman. Regardless of who is in office we need to unite. Together we can do better. Sam Parisi, Gloucester, Massachusetts. 13:25

Groundfish Trawl Task Force – Finding common ground on fisheries data

Building consensus between commercial fishermen, conservationists and marine regulators is no easy task. But a long, patient effort led by Congressman Seth Moulton’s office seems to be making progress,,, For years, NOAA has relied on data from two research trawlers. The Albatross IV was used between 1963 and 2008, and the Bigelow since then. NOAA currently combines data from both vessels when making regulatory decisions. That is despite the often-flawed data supplied by the Albatross IV over the years. The Albatross IV was at the center of the “Trawlgate” controversy of the early 2000s, when NOAA scientists had to concede the trawler used the wrong nets, likely missing hundreds of thousands of fish. Yet regulators stood by that data to set low catch limits based on the admittedly flawed numbers. >click to read< 10:25

Impounded fishing trawler docks in Shoreham – Donegal skipper thanks supporters

The scallop dredger Cornelis Gert Jan left Le Havre on Wednesday after being held there since last week, when France accused it of fishing in its waters without a proper licence. “We are pleased to have this matter resolved and delighted that our crew and vessel are now able to return home. The crew have acted with calmness and professionalism throughout the entire incident. photos, >click to read< Donegal skipper ay centre of fishing row thanks supporters – In a message to west Donegal independent councillor, Micheál Cholm Mac Giolla Easbuig, Mr Ward said: “Just busy now trying to get all ready to get to sea. “Please tell everyone at home that I am so grateful for all their messages and support.” >click to read< 09:51

NTSB: Fishing vessel didn’t heed danger signals before fatal collision

The captain of a fishing boat that collided with a chemical tanker near Galveston, Texas, killing three people, did not respond to danger signals from the ship before the crash, the National Transportation Safety Board said Thursday. The federal agency issued a report in its investigation of the Jan. 14, 2020 collision that killed three crew members on the 81-foot (25-meter) fishing boat Pappy’s Pride. A fourth crew member survived but was injured. No one aboard the tanker Bow Fortune was hurt. >click to read< 08:30

Category B lobster licence holders still facing 50-year-old punishment

In 1976 DFO created the “moonlighter policy” which was aimed at removing people from the fishery as a conservation method.  The result is that it has unfairly targeted fishers who held other jobs or professions almost 50 years ago. DFO deemed fishing was not their primary source of income and they became the “Class B” fishers.,, “It hangs over my head, that when I am gone, I leave nothing to my son. It all goes to the grave with me – boat, traps, licence. This is not fair,” said Clayton Smith of Salmon Beach, N.B. >click to read< 07:45