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Jim Kendall – Finding Common Ground

With regard to the letter from Sam Novello posted on Fisherynation.com, Finding Common Ground off to a Bad Start, he very eloquently laid out some of the faults, errors, and out and out incompetence of the Northeast Fisheries Science Center with respect to their continued mismanagement of the Northeast fisheries stock assessments. I know from past work and associations with the NEFSC that this has been going on for so long that they likely now believe their own Mantra about their science being the best (and only way) in which to compile the NE groundfish stock assessment. Unfortunately groundfish is not their only problematic stock assessment. >click to read< 16:32

Boris Johnson urged not to cave in to ‘eco-warrior narrative’ over UK fishing

Last Friday, the UK Presidency at the summit marked “Ocean Action Day”, championing a call for action to protect and restore ocean health and resilience. In recent years, Downing Street has opened itself up to a variety of environmentalist groups, taking onboard their concerns and advice on how best to tackle environmental degradation. A large chunk of this has surrounded fishing, and the extent to which vessels operating in UK waters may be damaging ocean life beyond repair. Greenpeace is one organisation that has been at the forefront of attempting to influence Westminster. >click to read< 13:04

New Jersey: Offshore Wind Farm Project Generates Debate

An open house in Ocean City on Saturday to discuss the pros and cons of an offshore wind project, proposed for 15 miles off the South Jersey coast, evoked interest, concerns, questions, opposition and support. Concerns over how the project could affect tourism, the visual impact of the massive wind turbines offshore, and what it would do to marine life, migratory birds and the commercial fishing industry were raised by several speakers. photos, 3:25 minute video, >click to read< 12:01

Japan: Large male snow crab fetches 5 mil. yen

A large male snow crab has fetched 5 million yen, or about $44,000 dollars, at the season’s first auction in central Japan. The auction of the winter delicacy was held on Saturday evening at a market at Kanazawa port on the Sea of Japan coast. Ishikawa Prefecture’s fisheries cooperative has begun to select large male snow crabs that are optimal in size and shape and sell them under a new brand name. Of 58 tons of Saturday’s catch, only one crab met all six criteria, including 1.5 kilograms in weight and 14.5 centimeters in shell width. Video, >click to read< 10:54

Rescue 116: ‘Anger doesn’t get you anywhere’ Father of pilot Dara Fitzpatrick shares frustration

The father of tragic pilot Dara Fitzpatrick has shared his frustration following the final report on the fatal Rescue 116 crash. The report outlined the series of failures which caused an Irish Coast Guard helicopter to smash into a Co Mayo island before plunging into the sea in March 2017. Captain Dara Fitpzatrick and three other crew members, Captain Mark Duffy, operator Paul Ormsby and winchman Ciarán Smith died in the early hours of 14 March 2017 when on a rescue mission. Captain Fitzpatrick and Captain Duffy’s bodies were recovered but Ormsby and Smith remain lost at sea. >click to read<  – Rescue 116: From responding to a call about a minor fishing accident to utter devastation>click to read<  09:01

North Carolina: With possible shrimp trawl closures, concern over ‘detrimental’ proposal

State fisheries managers are scheduled to choose preferred management options for shrimp at their next meeting, and the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries recommends closing more coastal waters to shrimp trawls.  According to one local shrimper, these closures could put a lot of local fishermen out of business. “It puts the little man out of business, the people with boats in the 40- to 50-foot range,” Mr. Davis said. >click to read< 08:19