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1 in 100 Million! Rare ‘Cotton Candy’ Lobster Caught in Maine

A rare “cotton candy” lobster was caught in a trap off the coast of Maine over the weekend. The chances of finding such a creature, characterized by its beautiful iridescent, pale blue shell, has been estimated to be around one in 100 million. The rare lobster, dubbed “Haddie,” was caught by Bill Coppersmith from Get Maine Lobster,,, The lobsterman named his catch “Haddie” after his granddaughter. The team at Get Maine Lobster has no plans to sell or cook Haddie. Video, photos, >click to read< 14:04

Boats burnt, seafood seized in crackdown on illegal foreign fishing in Australian waters

Authorities have swung into action in Australia’s northern waters, destroying illegal Indonesian boats and seizing hundreds of kilograms of fishing gear and seafood. The Australian Border Force has released photographs showing the small colourful boats burning at sea in the wake of the three-day operation near the Rowley Shoals Marine Park off the northern Western Australian coast. The actions come after local tour operators raised the alarm about dozens of foreign boats in the area, saying they feared piracy during recent trips. >click to read< 13:19

Canada: Fishing Industry’s high death rate ‘unacceptable’ and ‘preventable’

Though there is no obvious reason as to why fishing in Canada is so dangerous, or more dangerous than in other countries, there are certainly a number of factors at play. One of the reasons could simply be due to the large numbers of fish harvesters in Canada. Nova Scotia and Newfoundland have the greatest population of fish harvesters (according to 2009 numbers, Newfoundland and Labrador has around 17,000 fish harvesters and 6000 vessels, while Nova Scotia has around 13,000 fish harvesters and around 4,500 vessels). With so many people in the industry, a higher number of fatalities could be inevitable. >click to read< 10:26

Observations from the Albatross IV Correctional Cruise by Captain Jim Lovgren

Five New England fishermen and myself met at Woods Hole Ma. On the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2002, to board the N.O.A.A. Research Vessel Albatross IV. The other fishermen were Jim Odlin, Sam Novello, Bud Fernandes, Matt Stommel, and Steve Lee. We met with Steve Murawski, (who did not go out on the trip) and with Henry Milliken, and Russell Brown who were in charge of reviewing the fishing and filming of this short cruise. Individually we walked around the vessel and checked out the net and gear. As I was the last fisherman to arrive, the gear, (which was laying on the deck) had already been closely scrutinized by the other fishermen, and some problems had been identified. >click to read< 08:04