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NCFC votes down controversial shrimp FMP recommendations, hand-pick preferred measures

The amendment, particularly recommended closures, has faced considerable opposition, including from commercial shrimpers, consumers and government officials. The DMF recommended to the MFC a suite of management measures that included closing 315,206 acres of coastal waters to shrimp trawling to reduce bycatch. Combined with existing areas closed to trawling, the division recommendations would have closed 62.1% of the state’s estuarine waters to such activity. After lengthy deliberation, about 55 speakers during two public comment periods and a motion on the DMF recommendations failing 4-5, the commission selected it’s preferred management measures,,, >click to read< 21:49

Operation One-Way Chandelier – Two members of Gosman family plead guilty in over-quota fish plot

Two members of the Gosman family pleaded guilty on Thursday to one count each of criminal conspiracy for their role, and that of their Montauk company, in an alleged plot to buy over-quota fish from a local trawler captain,,, Bryan and Asa Gosman pleaded guilty to the single conspiracy count,,, A Montauk fisherman also named in the case, Christopher Winkler, has pleaded not guilty. Peter Smith, a Northport attorney for Winkler, said the Montauk trawler-boat captain of the New Age “maintains his innocence.” >click to read<Gosman’s Market Owners Admit 250K Fish Fraud – The indictments were part of Operation One-Way Chandelier, an ongoing multi-year investigation into fisheries fraud on Long Island being led by NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement. >click to read< 17:47

U.S. agrees to $725,000 settlement in fishing vessel pollution case

San Diego-based JM Fisheries LLC, G.S. Fisheries Inc., the companies’ manager, and the chief engineer of the commercial fishing vessel F.V. Capt. Vincent Gann have agreed to pay a total of $725,000 in civil penalties to settle federal Clean Water Act claims related to oil pollution violations.,, San Diego-based JM Fisheries LLC, G.S. Fisheries Inc., the companies’ manager, and the chief engineer of the commercial fishing vessel Capt. Vincent Gann have agreed to pay a total of $725,000 in civil penalties to settle federal Clean Water Act claims related to oil pollution violations. >click to read< 17:09

Commercial Lobsterman Michael Furlong, of Kingston, MA, has died unexpectedly at sea

Michael Furlong, age 65, of Kingston, MA died unexpectedly at sea on November 14, 2021 in Plymouth, MA. He was the husband of Dina (Brock) Furlong for 32 years. Michael was a beloved son of Rose and the late Edward Furlong. He was brother to Rickard Furlong. He was raised in Easton, MA and graduated from Oliver Ames High School. He was a self-employed commercial lobsterman/crabber for over 50 years. F/V Rose Marie lost her captain to the sea. There is a photo gallery of Michael with beautiful his family. >click to read< 15:04

Shrimpers, citizens voice concerns at meeting with N.C. Marine Fisheries officials

People from across Eastern North Carolina who want shrimp trawling to remain open showed up in Emerald Isle Wednesday night for a public hearing. Shrimpers, fishermen, business owners and customers were out in full force to plead with the North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission. “I feel like this is not a shrimp fishery management plan, neither is it a bycatch management plan. I feel like this is a commercial fisherman elimination plan,” said Ted Smith. “If you proceed with what you’re doing, you will not only affect the fisheries, you will affect the schools, you will affect the hospitals, you will affect the crime rate,” said one New Bern woman. >Video, click to read< 12:58

DFO Policy Puts Harvester Lives and Livelihoods at Risk

A new ‘weak rope’ gear policy being implemented in Newfoundland and Labrador will have negative implications for fish harvesters in this province, including risks to safety, an unknown cost burden, and significant potential for increased environmental waste. Weak rope measures are being implemented with the goal of preventing right whale entanglements. While these entanglements may be a concern for fisheries in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, there has never been a right whale entanglement in the Newfoundland and Labrador fishery.,, “The death of one right whale could have a disastrous impact on seafood exports to the United States. Fish harvesters know this and will gladly take all reasonable steps to protect the species and their livelihoods but implementing this policy without any due diligence is entirely unreasonable,” >click to read< 10:55

Captain Angus M. Crosby of Georgetown, Maine, has passed away

On the morning of Sunday, Nov. 14, 2021, the community of Georgetown lost a much loved, colorful character. Capt. Angus McGregor Crosby was born on Sept. 9, 1966 in Brunswick. Angus started clamming in high school and bought his own lobster boat shortly after and began a career as a commercial lobsterman. He lobstered up until his untimely death and enjoyed every second of being on the water. As a stubborn and hard working Scotsman, he enjoyed the freedom of working on the water and being his own boss throughout the years. Angus lived life to the fullest and on his own terms, working like a captain and playing like a pirate. >click to read<09:50

Mills & Keliher Respond to First Circuit Court Decision Reinstating Lobster Fishery Closure

Governor Mills and Department of Marine Resources Commissioner Patrick Keliher issued the following statements today on the U.S. Court of Appeals’ decision to reinstate a 967 square mile fisheries closure off the Maine coast. “This is a deeply disappointing result. This sudden closure will cause significant economic hardship for Maine’s lobster industry,,, Patrick Keliher noted the operational and safety challenges posed by the recent court decisions. “This industry is suffering from whiplash, trying to change plans based on these rapidly evolving court decisions,” said Commissioner Keliher. “Moving gear around 30 miles off-shore at this time of the year also poses a serious safety risk for fishermen. Fishermen’s lives are at stake and NOAA and the courts have an obligation to take fisherman safety into concern when they make these decisions.” >click to read< 08:41

Irish fishing fleet to be gutted by one third to make Brexit quota – “This is a very sad day.”

Sixty trawlers will be decommissioned and taken out of business by the end of next year leaving just 100 vessels left in the whole country. The Government is to pay out €63.5 million in compensation from EU funds to the fishermen who are leaving the industry. All of the country’s fishing groups agreed to the deal except the West and South Fish Producers Association. Precise details are expected to be given to the Dail in the next week or two. >click to read< 07:30