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Umar Papalia Uses Handline Fishing Method to Catch Big Tuna

The 42-year-old man has got himself prepared to go to the sea since 3:00 a.m. His wife assists him in preparing some fishing bait and lunch. Waepure fishermen believe that blessing from wife, children, and parents will invite the grace of God, which means a big catch. Umar turns on the boat engine and sails through the Seram Sea, where he can witness a horde of dolphins and seagulls. He has knowledge passed on to him by his ancestors that beneath the sea crowd there are tunas. He uses handline tuna fishing method with a single fishing line and a barbed hook. >click to read< 16:40

Newport, Oregon: Motor Lifeboat Victory’s last voyage

At about 2 a.m. Wednesday, the 52-foot motor lifeboat Victory left the boathouse at U.S. Coast Guard Station Yaquina Bay for the final time — nearly 65 years to the day of when she first arrived in Newport. The storied vessel did not leave under her own power but was towed behind a 47-foot motor lifeboat.,, For decades after arriving in Newport at the end of 1956, she was the station’s workhorse, capable of towing more than 750 tons and holding 40 survivors. She is self-righting and self-bailing and could motor through towering seas in hurricane-force winds, and countless local fisherman and other mariners owe their lives to her crews over the past seven decades. >Video, photos, click to read< 12:11

World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Grossly ‘Unprofitable’, Essentially Worthless

A new report commissioned by the Norwegian government contradicts Boris Johnson’s recent claim in Parliament that offshore wind costs have fallen by 70% in a decade. It confirms that the UK’s newest offshore wind farms remain high-cost operations. Indeed, the academics who produced the report have said the forthcoming Dogger Bank Wind Farm will be unprofitable, and is essentially worthless, with a value of around minus £1 billion in current terms. Remarkably, the findings have not been disputed by the developers. >click to read< 10:27

Canadian Coast Guard knocks down Hardy Bay boat fire

The Canadian Coast Guard stopped a blaze from ravaging a small fishing boat in Hardy Bay. According to Brian Salisbury with Marine Search and Rescue, the call came in at 12:30 pm yesterday (Thursday), with Coast Guard crews able to knock the fire down and rescue passengers. Reports point to the small boat belonging to a bigger boat called The Blue Dragger, and in a Facebook post, Port Hardy Fire Rescue said the flames were “highly visible.” >click to read< 09:37

The 40 year old fishing boat feeding a town in regional Victoria

The 15-member strong Apollo Bay Fishermen’s Co-op has invested nearly $500,000 in a small, 40-year-old fishing boat to fish along the coast every few days and provide the town with fresh seafood.,, The F/V Tambo Bay has since been modified to fish waters just off the rugged coast of Western Victoria. Her captain is Russell “Frosty” Frost, who retired from lobster fishing several years ago. The call of the sea was too strong for Frost and when approached by fellow members of the co-op, he agreed to take on the role of skipper. >click to read< 08:51

Oregon: Dungeness crab season starts Dec.1!

It’s the first time in seven years that the season has not been delayed by low meat yields, high levels of domoic acid, or both.,, But the scheduled opening has been delayed in recent years. In some years, parts of the coast have remained closed into late January. This year, commercial crab vessels can set gear Nov. 28, and begin pulling pots on Dec. 1. >click to read< 07:37