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Port of Delcambre improving docks with $2M federal grant

While Bayou Carlin is a great place fishermen can sell directly to the public, it’s not without its flaws. Sunken shrimp boats litter the docks, debris rests in the channel, and hurricanes have damaged the structure. Port of Delcambre Director Wendell Verret admits the local seafood industry has been in decline for many years. “We’re just hanging on by our fingernails really to be honest,” Storms, the economy, even marine biology can all be obstacles to the Louisiana fisherman. Though those things are outside of the industry’s control, the infrastructure is. Video, >click to read< 15:34

Defibrillator campaign equips fishing boats with lifesaving medical devices

Automated external defibrillators can restore a heartbeat after it slows, or even stops. After crews aboard the Hibernia oil platform heard a distress call about a fisherman in cardiac arrest, Hibernia Management and Development Company decided to fund the defibrillators, paying for 105 of them. The Heart and Stroke Foundation then partnered with the provincial Fish Harvesting Safety Association to think about how to put them in place, said Mary Ann Butt. As a result of the partnership, Butt said, 105 fishing boats are now better prepared for a cardiac emergency. >click to read< 14:46

These guys are having an exceptional New Year after being rescued by a Fishing Trawler

Three Orange Valley fishermen who went missing four days ago have been reunited with their families. On the morning of December 27, Luis Manuel Yirvin, his cousin Gilbert Jesus Milan Mendoza and their captain Ender Emil, left Orange Valley aboard the F/V Simon Peter owned by Richard Mendoza, 2021 to fish in the Grand Boca. When they did not return, relatives informed the authorities, who then began search and rescue efforts. Fellow fishermen aboard a fishing trawler from Orange Valley discovered the three fishermen around 1:30pm yesterday. >click to read< 10:27

Wild pink salmon came in stronger than expected

Prince William Sound’s 2021 commercial salmon fishery proved challenging in the midst of a second year of the global novel coronavirus pandemic and increasing climate change, with harvesters delivering nearly 70 million salmon valued at an estimated $121.49 million. That added up to almost $72 million more than the value of last year’s commercial harvest of 25.5 million fish, according to preliminary state fisheries summaries. Humpy returns were the big surprise. Everyone came into the season a little bit skeptical because 2019 was such a poor year, but they perked up when they realized what they were seeing, Scannell said, of the odd year pink salmon run. >click to read< 09:58

In Labrador, desperate pleas for search and rescue resources still unanswered

Dwight Russell can’t forget the apologetic words from one of the RCMP officers who came to his door on a Sunday evening in September. “We just don’t have the adequate resources to be able to do this,”,,, Mr. Russell’s son Marc Russell and his crewmate Joey Jenkins had been missing for two days after their boat failed to return to the wharf in Mary’s Harbour, a fishing community of about 350 people in southern Labrador. In this corner of Newfoundland and Labrador, where fishing is a lifeblood for many, the pair weren’t just missing fishermen, they were “Marc” and “Joey.” >click to read<, other related posts, >click here< 09:08