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Fisherman Stan Bagwell – a tribute to ‘one of Sidmouth’s characters’

Stan was the son of Robert and Martha Bagwell, his father and grandfather were local fishermen. Stan was no scholar, he spent all of his free time with his father at Ladram Bay where his father fished and was coastguard during the war. He cycled up Peak Hill early mornings and after school. Sometimes he travelled on his father’s motorbike next to the crab bait. At 15 he bought his first 12ft clinker built rowing boat, this leaked badly so he spent many hours repairing it. Stan’s ambition to have a trawler working out of Brixham was realized in 1972. >click to read< 21:42

Nova Scotia: Prosecutors add charges for 25 in lobster pound riot

Prosecutors have added more charges against 25 people accused of entering and ransacking a Nova Scotia lobster pound at the centre of a dispute about an Indigenous self-regulated fishery. Crown lawyer Robert Kennedy, however, said in an interview Tuesday the prosecution is willing to discuss “resolutions” for “at least some” of the accused, which would avoid further court proceedings. In January 2021, the RCMP announced that 23 people were facing a charge of break and enter, with eight also charged with mischief, for their roles in the Oct. 14, 2020, incident at the facility in Middle West Pubnico, N.S. >click to read< 14:55

Japan: Bluefin tuna goes for $145,000 as pandemic dampens New Year auction

The top price paid for a tuna at the first auction of the year at Tokyo’s Toyosu fish market fell for the third year running, with demand hit by the pandemic. The first tuna auction of the year at Toyosu market is a closely watched tradition that draws a horde of fish wholesalers every year. Wednesday’s top-priced 465-pound fish was caught off the northern Aomori region of Japan, famous for its quality tuna, and went to Michelin-starred sushi restaurant operator Onodera Group and Japanese wholesaler Yamayuki. The tuna will be offered to customers both in Japan and at the firm’s restaurants abroad, including in Hawaii, New York and Los Angeles,,, >click to read< 14:16

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 44′ Calvin Beal Lobster Boat, 750HP John Deere

To review specifications, information, with 31 photos, >click here<, To see all the boats in this series >click here< 12:55

All-time high for Norwegian seafood

“2021 was another exciting export year for Norwegian seafood. We are in the very favorable position of having products in high demand the world over, even in times of crisis. This has resulted in a growth in demand, record export volumes and a total export value that Norway has never experienced before,” says Renate Larsen, CEO of the Norwegian Seafood Council. Cod is still the most important fish, One of the most exotic species from the north is the king crab. “The abolition of the quota for red king crab in Alaska combined with increased demand in Asia, the USA and Europe has led to the demand for king crab being greater than the supply,,, >click to read< 10:30

A European Revelation On Climate That Biden Should Heed

Believe it or not, the European Union is set to include nuclear and natural gas on the list of industries eligible for “green” investments. Someone, please pass the smelling salts to the Sierra Club. Wonder of wonders, nuclear and natural gas make the cut. All of this has implications for the U.S., where the Biden Administration is still fantasizing that solar and wind power can soon replace all fossil fuels. If Europe can admit the truth, how about the White House? >click to read< 09:14

Brexit fishing victory as England’s most lucrative port lands record £43.6m of seafood

Brixham Fish Market, in Devon, topped 2020’s £35.8million and the previous £40.3million record from 2017. And contrary to many Remainers predicting that leaving the EU would destroy the UK’s fishing industry, Barry Young, boss of Brixham Trawler Agents, said the port had thrived. The news emerged shortly after a change in post-Brexit fishing rules will increase the minimum percentage of British crew members that must be on board vessels to 70 percent. >click to read< 07:50