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Nerja fishermen given 15-month jail sentence for catching thresher shark

Francisco Pastor comes from a long line of Nerja fishermen. At 50, he says he is going through an ordeal that “I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.” Since November 2020, he has been serving a sentence for having had “the bad luck” of catching a thresher shark, an endangered species,,, Pastor, who was sentenced along with his cousin, to 15 months in prison, along with a three year ban from fishing and a suspended fine of 386,000 euros for a crime against wildlife. “I need a job, whatever it is, because I can’t go out fishing with my boat, which was how I made a living until just over a year ago,” >click to read< 21:46

91-year-old active fisherman in P.E.I. to be inducted into Acadian Business Hall of Fame

For many people, eventual retirement is the force that pulls them to work every day, but for 91-year-old Alcide Arsenault, it’s a love of the sea. “In the spring, when the ice goes, it’s just like a magnet that takes you back to the shore. I’ve always loved fishing.” Alcide, who lives in Cape Egmont, has been fishing lobster off P.E.I.’s north and south shores since 1944 when he was just 14 and could be the oldest active fisherman in P.E.I. On Dec. 3, he was named one of four 2022 inductees into the Acadian Business Hall of Fame, considered the highest and most prestigious recognition from the Acadian and Francophone Chamber of Commerce of PEI. >click to read< 10:50

Jordan’s moonlighter lobster licence decision deep-sixed

A 69-year-old Nova Scotia lobster fisherman who wants to sell his licence so he can take care of his two adult children with cerebral palsy has won a judicial review of the former fisheries minister’s decision to reject the transaction. Donald Publicover took the federal government to court after Bernadette Jordan, then fisheries minister, decided Aug. 5, 2020, to turn down the Brookside man’s request for an exemption to transfer his Category B lobster licence, Jordan, fisheries minister until she was defeated by Conservative Rick Perkins in South Shore-St. Margarets last fall turned down that request in a letter dated Aug. 5, 2020. Jordan’s decision was “unreasonable,” according to the judge. >click to read< 10:05

Working hard to ensure success of fishing industry in Brixham

I am delighted to be invited to write a column for the Torbay Weekly and as this is the first of which will, hopefully, be many, I must first do a quick introduction. I am managing director of Brixham Trawler Agents. The company is responsible for operating the world famous Brixham Fish Market, and providing all the services a fisherman needs as they go about their hard work. These services include landing their catch, keeping their catch refrigerated, grading the fish, selling the fish, and also completing all the administration including paying the trawler owners and the crew the amount that they have earnt. >click to read< By Barry Young 09:32

Off Washington state’s coast, Dungeness crabbers get early start to season, haul in bounty

Some 60 vessels in Washington’s oceangoing crab fleet worked through a stormy December to bring in more than 4.69 million pounds of Dungeness in a strong start to the annual harvest. The ocean harvest has unfolded in a stretch of coastal waters from Klipsan Beach south to the Columbia River. Fishers also have had to endure some tough, chilly weather during the final weeks of 2021. “We’re all from Alaska so it seems pretty normal to us,” said Daniel Crome, who was raised in Petersburg, Alaska, and fishes out of Westport with a five-person crew that as the catch rates dropped off, was cut to four. Back at the docks, these Dungeness have fetched $4.75 a pound or more. >click to read< 08:23