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ENGO recommends against consuming lobster over danger to whales

Seafood Watch, a program out of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, says entanglement in fishing gear is the leading cause of death of the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale population, and US and Canadian lobster fisheries aren’t doing enough to prevent it. Jennifer Dianto Kemmerly is vice president of global ocean conservation at the Aquarium. “We really want consumers and businesses to be aware of how dire the situation is,” Kemmerly said. Meanwhile, the international conservation group Oceana blamed the National Marine Fisheries Service for failing to update safeguards that would protect both right whales and lobster fisheries. To remove the red listing, it recommends using ropeless gear, expanding seasonal closures where whales are present, and improving transparency and monitoring of fishing vessels. >click to read< 18:11

Red’s Eats Challenges Maine’s Business Community to Help #SaveMaineLobstermen

The Maine Lobstermen’s Association (MLA) has teamed up with one of Maine’s most iconic lobster shacks, Red’s Eats in Wiscasset, to launch its 2022 Fall Fundraising Challenge urging all businesses that rely on a strong lobster industry to contribute to the MLA’s Save Maine Lobstermen campaign. All contributions raised will go directly to the MLA’s efforts to protect both the Maine lobster industry and the endangered North Atlantic right whale. The 2022 Fall Fundraising Challenge, which runs until October 1, encourages any person or business that relies on a strong lobster industry to donate at one of two levels: >click to read< 16:11

Take a look inside this Cartwright net mender’s workshop as he passes on the traditional craft

In a shed the size of a small apartment, Josh Burdett has a net strung up in the centre of the space. The former fisherman has the door open in hopes of a breeze but sweat still gathers on his brow as he works during a hot August afternoon. Burdett started learning how to mend nets from his father as soon as he was able to hold a needle. Now he’s sharing his knowledge with whoever comes in the door. The elder is holding workshops through NunatuKavut during the annual gathering in Cartwright, on Labrador’s south coast, and more are being planned for this fall. Photos, >click to read< 09:17

Congressman Boasts Support for Maine’s Lobster Industry. He Voted To Strengthen the Agency Set To Crack Down on Lobstermen.

Maine congressman Jared Golden has fashioned himself as a champion of his home state’s beloved lobster industry, but the Democrat has won the support of environmentalist groups that advocate for policies that could cripple the livelihood of lobstermen and his votes in Congress strengthen the regulatory agency with the industry in its crosshairs. But the Maine lawmaker has also voted for legislation, such as the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, that directed a combined $6.27 billion to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, beefing up the regulatory agency tasked with enforcing the regulations that could put lobstermen out of business. Lobstermen associations in New England raised millions to rally support against the regulations, but those efforts appear doomed after the July court ruling. Billy Bob Faulkingham, a Maine lobsterman and Republican member of the Maine House, said Golden’s ties to environmental special interests contradict his claim that he is an ally to lobstermen. >click to read< 07:22

Glenn Chateauvert: Lobster ad shows Golden out of touch with Mainers >click to read<