Daily Archives: October 9, 2022

Fisherman charged with use of illegal traps

A commercial fisherman is facing charges after officers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) discovered more than 500 closed season crab traps in Hernando County. According to FWC, on Sept. 21 the officers initially came upon 54 illegal traps while on patrol. Later acting on a warrant that provided the fisherman’s GPS coordinates, officers found another 450 traps belonging to the fisherman who allegedly illegally worked at night. >click to read< 18:16

Commercial Fisherman Justin Harvey of Wakefield Dies at 36 in Tragic Accident

Justin Harvey, 36, of Wakefield, RI, passed away unexpectedly in a tragic accident on October 1, 2022. Born into a multi-generational tradition of commercial fishing, Justin loved being at sea and had just returned home from a six-day trip. The only thing Justin loved more in the world than fishing was his 16-month-old son Sturgeon David. His son was all he had ever wanted and Justin was looking forward to spending time together and watching him grow. Justin was born in South Kingstown, RI to Janet Harvey and Bruce Harvey. >click to read< 15:31

New Hampshire fishermen worried about new guidelines to protect right whales

New Hampshire fishermen are raising concerns about additional restrictions they’ll be facing in order to protect the critically endangered right whale. The president of the New Hampshire Fish Council said guidelines are being worked out between the industry and National Marine Fisheries Service, but he said there has never been a recorded incident between a right whale and a New Hampshire fisherman. “It’s hard to swallow the fact that we never harmed a right whale, never entangled a right whale and yet we’ve got to meet all these guidelines,” said lobster fisherman Ward Byrne. video, >click to read/watch<

Post-Covid bounce for fish landings in the islands

The value of fish landings in the Western Isles increased by 21 per cent last year over 2020 according to the newly published Scottish Fisheries Statistics. They have been welcomed as an indication that the islands industry has recovered well from the impact of both Brexit and Covid. Shellfish accounted for almost 90 per cent of the overall catch. The statistics published by Marine Scotland show that the value of fish landings in Stornoway district – which covers the whole of the Outer Isles – rose to £12.2 million, and the tonnage increased by 13 per cent compared to the previous year, to 2,880 tonnes. >click to read< 10:39

Shrimpers in Florida losing millions after Hurricane Ian

Jesse Clapham, of Erickson and Jensen Seafood, said his company brings in $10 million a year from shrimping. Ian is a major setback to an industry already playing catch-up, he says. “You know we’ve been through multiple hurricanes in the past, fuel prices, imported shrimp, and we keep going,” Clapham said. When the storm first hit, many shrimpers took refuge on their boats. Bloomberg reports that because diesel prices rose so much this year, the boats couldn’t afford to go to Texas in April, as they usually do, where shrimp are more plentiful. When they stayed in Florida, it put some of them directly in Hurricane Ian’s path. “We need help from the government or the state of Florida,” Clapham said. Video, >click to read< 09:25

Post-Brexit Fishing: 1,054 Fishing Licenses Obtained, A Fleet Exit Plan for Dockside Fishermen

It is the epilogue of a diplomatic-commercial battle of more than a year between Paris and London, arbitrated by Brussels. France finally obtained 1,054 fishing licenses from the UK and the Channel Islands, allowing holders to continue fishing in their waters, as before Brexit. For the dozens of fishermen who have remained on the sidelines or whose activity has been drastically reduced, the government has planned a “individual support plan”or a fleet exit plan for ships that will be destroyed. >click to read< 07:56