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Facts About Wicked Tuna’s Dave Marciano You Won’t Have to Fish For

When selecting captains for the reality series “Wicked Tuna,” National Geographic definitely made a great choice with veteran seaman commercial fisherman Dave Marciano. Ever since he was a young boy, the fisherman has spent so much of his life at sea that it became a fundamental part of his identity long ago. It would be foolish to think that Marciano’s life hadn’t changed dramatically since the show premiered in 2012, but deep down, it really seems like the captain has remained the same devoted and incredibly hard-working individual he always has been, and its those qualities that make his such a relatable personality on that show that many audience members cannot help but root for. His fascinating past has made him the man he is today and here are the pivotal aspects of that journey leading to reality stardom. Photos, >click to read< 14:14

Fishing family brings Alaskan halibut to Flathead Valley

As a devoted fisherman with over 40 years of experience, Steve Box and his wife Molly are excited to bring fresh, wild, and sustainably caught Alaskan halibut to their neighbors in the Flathead Valley. Born and raised in Juneau, Alaska, Steve has spent most of his life exploring the pristine waters of Glacier Bay National Park in search of salmon, crab and halibut. His career started at just 13 years old when he crewed with a longtime family friend on a commercial fishing boat. In 1990, Steve bought his first boat and in 1997, he started his company Worthy Seafoods. The enterprise is a family endeavor as Steve and Molly’s children, Corey and Nikki, also work on the boat.  >click to read< 11:27

Great Yarmouth fisherman swaps shrimp for offshore wind

From inshore shrimper to head skipper on offshore wind crew transfer vessels, Wally Saunders turned generations of his family’s love and living from the sea to a future in the industry harvesting wind to power the UK’s future. For generations, the Saunders family looked to the sea off Great Yarmouth and Gorleston for their living.  In all weathers, great grandfather, grandfather, father and sons hauled shrimp, herring, cod and Dover sole onto boats owned by the family through the decades, and on to the deep-sea trawlers, fishing smacks and herring drifters where the older generations worked as deckhands and mates. >click to read< 10:16

Photographer Cherly Clegg supports Maine Lobstermen with pictures

A Boston based photographer is helping to raise awareness of the battle over Maine’s lobster industry by photographing lobstermen, their families of lobstermen and community members for her “family photo series.” “I heard on the national news David Muri say Monteray Bay Aquarium red listed lobsters I knew this is big. And I thought of all the families I thought of all the fishermen and the younger fishermen and then people who supply bait and then you have the boat builders basically a ton of mom and pop shops sorta thought about it that.” *Ok everybody please* “So I started this to raise awareness. Video, >click to read< 08:27