Daily Archives: November 20, 2022

A fisherman has died in the hospital after he was rescued from a sinking fishing boat

Emergency crews raced to Luce Bay near to Port William, Newton Stewart, yesterday afternoon. Officers also scrambled to the area after the alarm was raised at around 4.30pm. The man was rushed to Galloway Community Hospital in an ambulance. But police confirmed that he tragically passed away this morning. They have launched a probe into the incident to establish the full circumstances behind the death. Photos, >click to read< 12:19

Court decision offers new hope for Maine lobstermen fighting new regulations

A small sign of hope for Maine Lobstermen as a federal judge in D.C. District Court has ruled that new lobster fishing restrictions designed to protect North Atlantic Right Whales will be delayed until 2024 to give the government time to draft more effective regulations.  “We need to have time to get this done right,” said Maine Lobstering Union Executive Director Virginia Olsen. Judge Boasberg had previously ruled that fishing restrictions issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA didn’t go far enough to protect the whales. His new ruling sends the current biological opinion, which is the document containing the rules and the science behind them, back to NOAA. >click to read< 10:43

What a transformation! Before and after photos as Ross Tiger deck works complete

Vital renovation works to the deck of historic trawler Ross Tiger are now complete. The scheme, which started on Monday 5 September, has included removing the rotten timber deck to reveal the steel deck below which was then inspected, grit blasted and painted. Some of the timber was able to be removed for conservation and will return to the museum’s collection. The visual and ultrasound inspections revealed the steelwork to be in much better condition than it could have been, with only minor repairs required. Photos, >click to read< 10:08

Did climate change really kill billions of snow crabs in Alaska? Here’s what experts say

Some fishers and crab experts have put forward a different idea: They’ve suggested that fishing, particularly the unintentional capture of crabs in fishing gear known as trawls, also contributed to the loss of the snow crab, or at the very least, impeded the species’ recovery from low population levels. The snow crab fishing season closure has amplified a chorus of concerns around Alaska’s trawling industry — mainly from within the fishery sector itself — and the knowledge gaps around its potential impact on fisheries. >click to read< 08:29