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Alder Point man sentenced for damaging fishing boat

A 33-year-old Alder Point man has been sentenced in connection with an assault and damage to a fishing boat. Kenneth Anthony LeBlanc was sentenced on charges of assault, mischief under $5,000 (he was initially charged with mischief over $5,000), uttering a threat and two counts of breaching court orders. The offences are alleged to have occurred between May and June 2017 in Alder Point. He was charged after a fishing boat was damaged at the Alder Point wharf. Video tape evidence showed LeBlanc throwing rocks at a window on the boat and later of LeBlanc damaging an exhaust stack along with the vessel’s mast, which contained an electronic system. Repairs to the vessel totalled $3,436.66. >click to read<

House Bill 56: Cap raised to $400,000 on Alaska Commercial Fishing Loan Fund

New legislation boosts to $400,000 the cap on money that may be borrowed through the Alaska Commercial Fishing Loan Fund to purchase limited entry permits, individual fishing quotas and gear. House Bill 56, sponsored by Rep. Dan Ortiz, I-Ketchikan, was signed into law on Aug. 31 by Alaska Gov. Bill Walker in a ceremony at Fisherman’s Hall in Kodiak. Ortiz said the bill addresses the problem of too many Alaskans are priced out of commercial fishing because they can’t afford a permit, quota or gear. >click to read<13:31

BEYOND EXPECTATIONS: Fishermen donating more than $600,000 – and counting – to charities and causes through Live Well Challenge

The Live Well Challenge continues to exceed expectations, with people taking the plunge in one way or another in southwestern Nova Scotia and beyond, raising in excess of half a million dollars for numerous charities and causes in just over a week. And the dollar amount continues to climb steadily as people continue to take the plunge and nominate others to do the same. The Live Well Challenge was initiated by Cape Sable Island fisherman Todd Newell on Jan. 17 on social media as a way to help the families of the Pubnico Head house fire that claimed the lives of four children, and to also help other local charities, causes and organizations. >click here to read< 13:56

A fisherman from east China’s Zhejiang Province catches colorful giant lobster worth over $88,000

A fisherman from east China’s Zhejiang Province caught a rare colorful lobster weighing more than 1.5 kilograms earlier this week. The 1-meter-long lobster is largely green, with purple stripes and yellow dots on its back. Its legs are black and white and tail red. Zhou said he had never seen such a lobster in his 40 years of fishing. Some of his friends and neighbors believe it belongs to a rare kind named Panulirus ornatus after comparing it with online images. Panulirus ornatus has the largest size among all lobsters. It likes to live in sandy mud near coral reefs deep under the sea. Japan, the Indian Ocean and south of the Pacific is their main habitats, while they seldom appear in Zhejiang-Fujian waters. In 2010, though, another fisherman from Songmen Township in Zhejiang Province caught a similar lobster in East China Sea and sold it for 600,000 yuan ($88,000). Link 10:52

Prince Rupert Skipper Fined $3,000 and Forfeits Chinook Catch Worth Almost $11,000

A Prince Rupert commercial fisherman has been fined $3,000 after pleading guilty in Prince Rupert Provincial Court to a seriousDFO Sidebar. In addition to the fine, Michael Andrew Bullock was ordered to forfeit his landed catch of chinook salmon, valued at $10,791. On June 26, 2014, Mr. Bullock, while skippering the vessel HOPEFULL, contravened the conditions of his licence by failing to have his catch validated by an observer when off-loading from the Area F troll fishery. Read the rest here 17:51

PEI: Oyster company receives $205K to fund expansion

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2An expansion at the. is expected to increase its annual sales of oysters by one million — or about 22 per cent. The federal and provincial governments are giving the company $205,000 to help fund the expansion. The money will be used to purchase new oyster grading and aquaculture equipment. Read more here 08:34

Mystery bidder offers $5,000 minimum for Maine island lighthouse

YORK, Maine — A $5,000 bid has been placed to buy Boon Island Light Station, according to information online from the , the real estate arm of the federal government.  In December 1710, prior to the construction of the light tower or other buildings, the Nottingham Galley was shipwrecked at Boon Island. The crew survived by resorting to cannibalism  Read more here  19:48


Christopher Byers, D.C. Air & Seafood Inc., a Maine seafood wholesaler, facing five years in prison and a $250,000 fine in Scallop Poaching Scam

In admitting its guilt, D.C. Air & Seafood Inc., the Maine seafood wholesaler, handed over documents showing it failed to report about 79,666 pounds of scallops that were harvested off the New Jersey coast and Cape Cod in Massachusetts, authorities said. Six fishing boat operators who conspired with D.C. Air & Seafood, authorities said, hauled in the scallops from a fishing ground off the mid-Atlantic Coast that was regulated in order to help keep its scallop population at proper levels. [email protected]  09:49

Quinlan Brothers Limited get’s $100,000 to determine if it is economically viable to extract Omega 3-enriched oil from shrimp waste

untitledPreliminary research by the Bay de Verde-based seafood processor has shown that oil can be derived from shell waste that is highly valued as a premium nutritional supplement. [email protected]  23:23

Dominion Virginia wins right to lease ocean tract for wind farm

Interior officials said they have worked with the Defense Department, maritime and fishing interests, and environmental groups to minimize or eliminate conflicts with wind turbines. Later in the development process, they likely will conduct a full environmental impact review to assess other potential problems. [email protected]  09:52