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OUR OPINION: Back off, NOAA – enterprisenews.com, and who the hell is NOAA spokesman Scott Smullen? Put yer hand back in yer pocket, parasite!

At the urging of Sens. John Kerry and Scott Brown, and Gov. Deval Patrick,  among others, the U.S. Department of Commerce last week declared the Northeast  groundfish industry a disaster, opening up the possibility of $100 million in  federal funds to assist the people most affected by the disaster: fishing  families.  One published report paraphrased a NOAA spokesman’s email in response to the  news, stating “… federal officials would like to work with states to develop  spending plans to maintain the viability of the industry, advance research  initiatives, and support at-sea monitoring …” NOAA spokesman Scott Smullen  later said “if we get an allocation,”

This loan arrangement is such a smelly, nasty finance scheme, based on quota. The nerve of noaa to stick their greedy hand out! When did those morons acquire allocation, which is the loan collateral.

Oh yeah. The AFF was not $8.6 million. It was $100 million , and the current you tube on the front page is perfect for this article. Rotten Bastards.


Our view: Hollow disaster call fails to confront problem

So, the Obama administration, by way of acting Commerce Secretary Roberta Blank, has finally recognized what all of us have known for more than a year — that the Northeast groundfishery is in a state of economic disaster.

Now what http://www.salemnews.com/opinion/x550073936/Our-view-Hollow-disaster-call-fails-to-confront-problem


Someone asked Tina Jackson About the “Bailout” – “As head of AAFC would you like to make some sort of official statement?” She Answered.

“That money will never get approved by the house in my opinion. Harry Reid made the pledge to John Kerry to attach it to the Agricultural bill and it won’t get voted on until after the election.  I believe the Ag Bill still has ethanol subsidies in it and the Repubs wan’t them removed, ethanol causes higher carbon emissions than gas/diesel and it adds 46 cents,,,,,,,,”

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