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‘There’s no closure,’ say families of missing fishermen after search ends

In the year before he went missing in choppy waters 40 miles off the coast of Barnegat, Paul Alexandre Matos bought a house, had a daughter and got licensed to commercially fish on his own boat.  He had been working as a fisherman for other people, said his girlfriend, Amy Romano, but he decided last summer to strike out on his own.,, Alice Vannote, Dennis Smalling’s mother, on Saturday said she was still trying to process that the 34-year-old son who had lived with her in Point Pleasant is gone. >click to read< 10:19

Alaska’s ‘graying of the fleet,’ – Some determined young fishermen are bucking the trend

graying fleet young fishermenIt takes about half a million dollars to get set up as a full-time fisherman — a heftier price tag than for a plush house. Today, a seine permit in the Kodiak region costs about $50,000. A salmon drift permit in Bristol Bay runs about $150,000. Halibut quota is being sold for upwards of $50 per pound, an increase from about $15 per pound in 2010.  At today’s rate, a young person trying to buy into the halibut fishery either needs a million dollars in cash or be willing to pour all income into a loan payment. Here’s a brief look at some young Alaskans getting started in the industry that helped shape Alaska’s history and identity. Darren Platt, John Christensen, Ken Jones, Jake Everich, Amy Schaub, Luke Smith, Read the article here 09:08

‘We haven’t recovered,’ Coast fishermen say on 6th anniversary of BP oil spill

0422_BILO_BP2Members of the Coast fishing industry gathered Wednesday at Sherman Caan Back Bay Fishing Dock in East Biloxi to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the BP oil spill. Those in attendance were a mixture of fishermen, oystermen and members of the Vietnamese fishing community. The commemoration was organized by fishing activist Thao Vu of the Mississippi Coalition for Vietnamese Fisher Folks and Families. About 15 people attended the ceremony, carrying protest signs to show their continued frustration with the oil company. “East Biloxi used to be the fresh seafood capitol of the world,” Vu said with Biloxi Bay as her backdrop. “But look at it since the BP oil spill six years ago.” Read the rest here 19:26

Scientific ‘buried treasure’ may yield data about shorelines’ future. (may, that could, might,,)

msDeep beneath the ocean floor off the New Jersey coast lie secrets that could help scientists predict how climate change might affect one of the most popular shorelines in the country.,, The work has triggered some controversy.,, Environmental groups have expressed concerns,,, Read more here  09:41