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In Memory of David Scott “Oaksey” Oakes 1967 – 2013

1394468_656424637735296_964145650_nI never met David “Oaksey” Oakes, but I feel like I’ve known him for most of my life. I’ve seen his face on wharfs up and down the coast, along with other unnamed fishermen that would only be known by sight.

“You know that guy from the Miss Understood?” “The one that helped you jump start your truck?” “Yes yes!” “Hellofa guy, can’t think of his name, though!”

Oaksey was that guy! I’ve read so many comments and heard continuously that David Oakes would give anyone the shirt off of his back, but isn’t that a common thread amongst fishermen? I’ve read comments from cousin’s, his children, Son in Law, and friend’s, and they have included stories from the beginning of his life, to the end.

They have included fond memories of shared baloney and butter sandwiches made by his Grandmother, and shared with a cousin on his Grandfathers lobster boat, and a quick thinking Captain pushing the father of his grandchildren from a sinking vessel to give him a chance to survive.  Some have made me laugh while some, I reveal, have made me cry. My tears have not been for a man that lived his life everyday to the fullest, but for those that live in his unexpected past which has arrived much too soon for them.

I say to you, the children and grand children of David Oakes, every time you look at each other, you will see his reflection in the faces you fix your gaze upon and you will know he is there with, and within each and every one you. I send my deepest sympathy and utmost respect to his Mother Elizabeth Oakes, his children, grandchildren, extended family and friends. 17:00