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3MMI – Scientist Muzzled on the Sockeye Collapse, Why Coho Prices Have Climbed So High…

muzzled scientistsWe have an exclusive interview with Department of Fisheries & Ocean Scientist Kristi Miller who’s study on the collapse of the Fraser River Sockeye resulted in a direct order from the Prime Minister’s Office to suppress the findings and to STOP talking publicly about it. Pricing on Wild Caught Coho’s have been gradually climbing out of the gutter since we reported on them plummeting in August… So why the Price Incease? Watch the video here 07:50

3MMI – Typhoon Ravages Hokkaido Chum Salmon Harvests

This is Robert Reierson and here is the seafood news for Monday November 2nd, 2015. — The Hokkaido Fall Chum fishery is nearing it’s end, with the final catch expected to be 110,000 metric tons. After a typhoon hit Eastern Hokkaido in Early September, some fishermen’s set-net gear was damaged and the fishery halted. By missing the peak season in Early October,,, Watch the video here 12:01

TRADEX 3MMI – Salmon Market Instability, Cod and Pollock Pricing on the Rise

We anticipate a smaller run and smaller fish size this year. Overall, there is still market instability for sockeye salmon right now. Market pricing is heading up for once frozen Cod and Pollock as well. Click here to watch this weeks TRADEX 3MMI 16:56