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An example of activism, and how to get your point across

A freelance writer Frederick Hewett, from Cambridge Ma wrote a piece about the wonderful wind advantage the Bay State has, Massachusetts Could Win Big In Offshore Wind Energy. The article was posted on the WBUR website, licensed by the Trustees of Boston University. The piece describes what the wind industry repeats continuously, that its just Utopia! Barbara Durkin, a citizen that is opposed to wind energy for all the right reasons commented on the article, and with every comment included information to back up her claims. As fishermen are opposed to offshore wind, offshore drilling, and the emotional issue of the right whale, it is a lesson on how to get your point across with dignity, and knowledge. >click to read< Her tag line on twitter is, “Show me the evidence that wind energy works….still waiting” Follow her on twitter>click here<14:35

Confessions from the Lone Shark Conservationist Who Supports California’s Drift Gillnet Fishery

Prej•u•dice, Noun – Preconceived opinion not based on reason or experience. – I’m telling my story for a couple reasons. First because I know a lot of folks share my intense passion and genuine intention to help preserve our world’s oceans, but like me are not very sure where and how to start. I want to share some lessons I learned the hard way in an effort to prevent you from wasting your time. I’m also writing this because I think it’s scary how easy it is for someone that knows very little about shark fisheries to be considered an “expert” on,,, Part 1, Read more here Part 2 Read it here  Eat U.S.Seafood  08:35

A Win for Shark Fishermen is looked at as a Strategic Loss by the Enviro’s

kevinhearnPublic passion for shark finning bans is great. How do we channel it towards other issues? – From the article:  A recent proposal by the National Marine Fisheries Service that would have altered the minimum size of sharks that recreational fishermen can catch with the goal of reducing illegal dusky shark landings and added a new area closed to shark fishing  received almost no public support from conservation activists. There were a total of 122 public comments submitted , and most were strongly opposed; the commercial and recreational fishing industry was organized and vocal in their opposition to this plan. The NMFS withdrew it. Read [email protected]  16:52

A son laments: Nonetheless, my father typed on about what were to him the greatest fish-habitat concerns of the day.

Of all his worries about the state of wild salmon in B.C., my late father, a commercial salmon fisherman for about a half-century, was particularly worried about the dangerously negative repercussions of the over-warming of waters on our wild salmon, not to mention fish-farming and pollution. Many very-early mornings, I’d briefly get up for a washroom break and see the light breaking through underneath his bedroom door and into the hallway’s darkness, with my father on the other side very-slowly typewriting missives to various politicians. I must’ve proofread and made many grammar corrections to almost a couple hundred letters of his over the years, just on this topic alone. [email protected]  09:41